How to Create MaxBounty Account and Get Approved Easily

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Okay guys, recently I made a post on CLICKBANK AFFILIATE "How to create one for Yourself on Unsupported Countries" I am very much excited to tell you this after doing research here we are! Today, I will disclose to you a simple way that will help you to quickly approved MAXBOUNTY. You really excited to get passed on maxbounty? Yeah, its so much excited to get accepted on MAXBOUNTY, mostly when you had a successful and great interview through the phone call. Pretty damn cool right? But, before then, We are going to learn little about MAXBOUNTY. Before you set your mind up to work with them.

MAXBOUNTY happens to be one of the most recommend CPA network that converts very well. But, the issue here is that they're so desperate to get approved by them as a beginner. Which means you should have CPA experience before intend to apply in this network but, that is why I made this post to quickly get approved by them. So, you have been into this network for so long? (CPA marketing) And I believe you might know much what CPA marketing is? I strongly recommend you to go deeply into this article to know more cleared IDEA about CPA MARKETING.

Follow this blog post step by steps, and I can assure you 98% for finding it so much easy to get approved within an hour. So it's not gonna be so tough using this same method. Just follow my steps and get passed on maxbounty easily, in a short time.

Key to Quick Approved on "MAXBOUNTY"  easily. 

Thus in this post, I will break every single stage into reasonable steps for easy followed! Goto to make an account. After click on the provided link, you will be redirected to this page. Click on "JOIN MAXBOUNTY NOW"

filling info


I strongly advise you to take this place severe follow every single step here.

Your Name: ( Fill with your name, Must match with your payment name )

Your Company Name: ( Leave it blank or use your own name )

Password: ( Set your password, its have to be a secure password with different characters )

Confirm Password: ( Fill with the matched character you choose in the first place )

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.


filling info

Email: ( Use your valid email )

Retype Email: ( fill the email you provided )

Phone: ( Your phone number, they call you for a quick interview, here you should include your country Code-like, "+44" for the UK)

Mobile Phone: ( Black or you can include your another phone number that you own )

Your Timezone: ( Select your time zone for your appropriate Country )

When can you be reached: ( Select Evening my recommendation is Evening )

Which instant messenger do you use: ( SKYPE, AOL, MSN, YAHOO ID )

What is your IM handle: ( Your IM ID )

How did you hear about MAXBOUNTY: ( Offervault, Forum )

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.

filling info

Address Details:

Street Address: ( Fill with your address, must match with the Payment method you want to use )

City: ( Select your CITY you live in )

North American State/Province: ( If you’re from North America then select your state )

Non-North American State/Province: ( Fill with your current city name)

Country: ( Select your country from the drop-down menu option )

Zip/Postal Code: ( Your POSTAL CODE )

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.

filling info

How you're Experienced ( please handle with carefully filling )

What is your experience: ( I am extremely experienced and have received many payments from networks )

Describe your Past Experience in Affiliate Marketing: Write in the followed sentences, "I have started my affiliate journey  3years back, I started with JVZOO and CLICKBANK. I am still working there. And I am also working with Neverblue, Admin and Clickdealer as an Affiliate Marketer. I have received many payments from this network. But I am really looking for some good CPA offers that really convert well" ( Make changes to the above write up to avoid being blocked! don't copy and paste this. )

How do you currently promote offers: Use this, "I am a PPC marketer. I use BING, Google, and Facebook to run my ads. But I am good at Facebook marketing, I collect impression/Pixel based on my niche, and then I run my campaigns. I am also doing Email Marketing, and I have over 50k Email based on Weight loss niche. I collect those Emails using my landing page. I also run ads on PPV network which is 50onRed ( Please, don't copy and paste this to avoid a block from them "MAXBOUNTY" )

What offer(s) are you looking for: ( GAMING, HEALTH, WEIGHT LOSS, EMAIL SUBMIT.

Your website URL:  ( If you have the website or any landing page then provide it, If you don’t just indicate “I DON’T HAVE” )

Is this account for incentive Traffic: ( NO If yes, describe the incentive: Leave it blank )

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.

filling info

Earning Details:

Minimum payment amount: ( Select $100 )

Make checks payable to Your Payee Name ( Must match with your name which name you use to apply on maxbounty.) Apply here to Create a Verify Paypal Account For Unsupported

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.


Terms Details:

Mark all box and click on "FINISH."
filling info

filling info

Now, open the new tab and log in the mail ID you provided while creating MAXBOUNTY ACCOUNT. Here you will receive an email that contains a link. Just click on the link to "VERIFY" You have two processes to perform here, after confirming your email, MAXBOUNTY will send you one another mail like this, "Now, You’re very close to getting approved on it."

Here you can see the phone number +16138343955 x244. The provided Mobile Number, you need to call the number by using your phone you offered, So first call on  "+16138343955" this number after Robot receive the call just type your extension number ( +244 ) It’s my manager Extension number. You will find your manager Extension on +16138343955 x( Here ).

Now, After your manager receive your call just tell Him/Her,

Hi, My name is "YOUR NAME," And my affiliate id is ( xxxxxx ) I applied on maxbounty just a few minutes ago. Please check my application.
Then, they will further ask you some question like this, Please, read this very carefully.

 1. How long have you been working as the affiliate?

Ans: I am working with affiliate marketing since 2015.

 2. Which network do you work With?

Ans: I am working with JVZOO and CLICKBANK. Also, I am also working with Neverblue,   Adsmain, Clickdealer.

 3. What is your AM name on  Adsmain?

Ans: Ok, sometimes they will ask you like such a question. To know if you're telling the truth. You can there write down all "AM’S" name on a paper before calling them.

 4. How do you promote offers?

Ans: I am a PPC marketer. I usually use BING ADS, Google Adwords and Facebook to run my ads. But I am right in Facebook marketing, I collect Interest/Pixel based on my offers, and then I run my campaigns. I am also involving in doing Email Marketing, and I have over 60K Email based on Weight loss niche. I collected those Email by using my landing pages. I also do run ads on PPV network which is 50 on Red.

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 5. Why you choose Maxbounty?

Ans: I discover Maxbounty is the number one CPA marketplace and they have tons of amazing offers that I am looking for.

 6. Which offers are you looking for?

Ans: I am looking for some WEIGHT LOSS and HEALTH, EMAIL SUMMIT, GAMING offers. ( Go to maxbounty marketplace and take a look at their offers available and just tell them any offers name. Or if you like any provide from maxbounty just tell them. )

SPECIAL ADVICE: Make sure you speak English very well fluently in expressing. Talk slowly and before calling them memories this, LOL! After concluding all these steps, correctly they will approve your application. That's it! Isn't so simple? Have any question in regards to this articles? Please use the comments box.

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