How to Make Money From Entertainment Blogs or Websites - 2018 Idea Best Strategy

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To be frank, to survive while blogging on a niche that always got rejected from displaying Ads got you mad right? Yea! Today I just want to hit the bitter truth about entertainment blogs or websites and the few solutions to monetize your entertainment blogs or website greatly. Meanwhile, this post is directly referring to these blogs or websites:

   1.  File Downloader blogs or Web sites.[music and videos blogs or websites uploaders ]

   2. Articles copy-scraps blogs or websites. [permit me to use that word, though it also works with the monetizing process!]

I will furtherly explain the above categories blogs or websites [what is majorly their area of lost!]. It's so bright that blogs and websites like the above-mentioned categories do copy contents, images including video or music links from other sources without even spin or re-write in their own languages. Recently I made a post on how to write killer content for your blogs or websites which sound to be helpful for both bloggers and online marketers.

Downloading websites or blogs usually found it difficult to make their own personal excellent contents, and you want to get to the top of the search engine, huh? SEARCH ENGINES would have loved to rank the best material. No matter the number of backlinks you've struggled to build if your materials are not satisfied by SEARCH ENGINE, Hmmmm, your materials will be ignored!!! You can take a little of your time to study new google updates news for proper understanding.

As the post title, I will show you some ways in which you can make money from your entertainment blogs or websites with some of the recommended networks that also converts very well. Don't be so surprised asking yourself the question, " how do that work? " In this articles, I will share you little idea of my idea I think that will be of help to entertainment Bloggers. How you can monetize your entertainment blogs or websites down to your downloading links. Entertainment blogs or websites commonly found it so hard to get approved by Adsense therefore, don't lose your chance of getting if earning if is your part. [ the most known advertisement Ads]. I can say Adsense is one of the wealthiest Ads Company that convert very well and gives publishers the privilege to display Advertisement on their pages and control which page to appear manually.

Adsense pays on different categories like CPC, CPM, and more! But, the truth is this, Adsense can be so strict to the level of your blogs or websites. Most especially the entertainment blogs or websites they found it very difficult to get approved feedback when one request on their blogs or websites. With the below few networks, I will provide some interfaces that can also with time generate you some bucks.


     1. Traffic trading: One of the most critical keys is "traffic trading" You absolutely have to trade traffic with other entertainment webmasters like you. There is no chance around this, when you're starting, you're not going to get the best traffic partners. That's okay, you're just starting. Eventually, you'll be building traffic and move up the chance to the next level to traffic generation. You have to trade traffic with hard links responsively, traffic trading scripts and link dumps.

      To find the best traffic partners, you make use or search for adult webmaster communities, and there you will find these forums having traffic trading sections. This is how you will get the most traffic which will earn you the majority of your revenue from these disclose source that will generate you more income.

     2. Fresh Content: Well, I can say, you need to update your entertainment sites every day. This means at least you need to upload 2-5 contents relating to new videos, music, and pictures each day. People start to rely on your site for daily content, and you must deliver new live trending updates to them. Now the chances are now getting closer. You can take weekends off if you please, but you must update at least five days a week.          On a special, you need to make a break during the weekend, having time with friends, family, and dear ones.

Monetization: Proper entertainment monetizing website or blogs is a key to success when you have traffic. You need multiple forms of income. Below are also recommend to make use of:

a) Paid Link Dumps: Once you build your traffic up, you can start selling plugs. These are links you can sell to other people's media. Expect to earn $10-100     per plug. This can also work well to maximize your revenue.

b) CPM network: Cost Per Impression. This is impression advertising. You will also earn times amount per thousand page views on your blogs or websites.

c) PPC: Pay Per Click. Google ads or Yahoo ads also work great!

d) Filler: This refers to be CPA {Cost Per Action}. An excellent source of this is dating sites like ClickBooth. You can do well find random affiliate programs to join like ShareASale, Amazon or Clickbank.

e) Monetizing your downloading link: This gives you the privilege to upload your files such as videos, music or documentation files and when one download from the source, it will earn you some. A good source is

Those are just a few keys to finding success as an entertainment webmaster. You can as well use the comment box if you have your contribution to also contribute to the audience. NOTE: You only publish reasonable comments that can be of help to others if not, your comments will be marked as spam. Thanks for reading this blog post and I will love you to drop a comment if only you find the solution to your problems regarding this aspect if not, still use the comments box and comments with help will be replied.

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