How to Hide Fake Torrents Files On Pirate Bay - Chrome extension

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In this post as stated "The free Chrome extension helps protect users from dangerous, and fake torrents attack" In the nutshell, Pirate Bay happens to be one of the most popular destinations for torrent users online, capturing a place amongst the 100 most visited websites in the worldwide. Torrent repository gained an infamous reputation by hosting torrent files that allowed users to download copyrighted material for free without permission from the owner! There is little vetting when it comes to torrent files in the area. And this cause, while ago, cyber-criminals have been able to leverage torrents to distribute malware, as well as fraudulent files that can harm users.

The CEO of Cyber-security Company Siege Jason Syversen told Consumer Reports and warned ( that there are "very real technical concerns" about downloading content via torrents sites. "You’re dealing with these shady third-party sites, so there is an opportunity for people to insert fraudulent and malware into the BitTorrent client also as well as transferring files of malicious content.”

Overview if the Chrome Extension

This is how the Chrome extension works as the screenshot.

How does it work?

 1. “For example, if you browse the HD Movies section and sort by seeds, [depending on when their bot ran]
there you will see a ton of untrusted torrents files appear with an unrealistic amount of seeds.

 2. “The script has a couple options to get rid of these.

 3. “Default behavior is to help to hide untrusted torrents [torrents files that do not appear with little pink or green skulls] if they
have more than 1000 seeds.”

 4. This Google Chrome browser extension also allows users to “French torrents, hide porn, as well as cams
and telesyncs”.

You can download the Chrome the extension for free here on the google chrome Web Store. Or click here How to Hide Fake Torrents Files On Pirate Bay You can drop a review about this.

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