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At this moment I am going to unpleasing the second part of this motivated article. In my recent post, I wrote about on the first parts which happen to be "Copy pasting contents from another’s sources" Copy pasting activities was all I thought one needs to survive in blogging spheres. Not knowing that all was wrongly thought. In this post, I am unveiling the second parts of these articles. Title: How to write a post that Search engine will love to Rank on the first page - SEO OPTIMIZATION". I realized that working from home has its own advantage, all it be required from you is a personal office (Private office), a chair and table, your PC/Desktop computer on the table along with a glance of a coffee that’s all. No stress all the saying I am serving a "boss" BE YOUR OWN BOSS!!!

In this post, I will also disclose why some Bloggers do fails and end up in quitting blogging. After setting up your blogs or websites, what is next to do, huh? of course you need contents, have you check your blogs or websites visitors stats, your returning visitors, your blog visibility on the different search engine? Believing that the next thing to follow after setting up your blogs or websites is how to earn massively on your blogs or websites. Yea! Everyone what to gain from his/her blogs. But what if you focus on building your blogs or websites before thinking about how to monetize it? According to "SHOUTMELOUND" which gives advice to Bloggers. He advises Bloggers by saying "You should put your blogs or websites visitor’s stats into consideration before thinking to be earning from it. At least your blogs or websites stats should be more than 3k page view daily" How many Bloggers agreed on this? Rather to "say talk that to the hand, lol."

I believe this would have been a very pleasant follow up because, when your daily page views grow up to 3k views per day, think with this, your money will keep counting while sleeping. But, impatience is lacked here! Every one wants to earn massively faster from their blogs or websites. While most Bloggers fails in Blogging fields is lack of patience.  To make it even in life require a lot of sacrifice and time as my mummy always tell me "so far, so long your time will never pass you away" Most Bloggers rush into many different niches and at the end of the whole issue, quitting will be at the corner knocking the door. As one of mentor always tells me "Focus on one goal at a time, don't rush into many goals at a time once because quitting and frustration will crowd it all." Believe me or not, that just the bitter truth! Most importantly, don't blog for cash (money) setting up new blogs or websites required a lot of building. Believe me after setting up your blogs or websites the capital (money) will be rolling in.

Key to Note in this Part:

*> Works for your Audience.

*> Your visitors stats daily at least 200H and above.

*> Your returning Audience.

*> Your blogs or websites visibility on different search engine. NOTE: Google is not the only search engine that people make use of. Make

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*> After building all this, you can now implement how to earn from your blog or websites. You can apply for any ADS COMPANY that can convert very well. Ads that translate very well not ADSENSE is the only key.
I think this piece of article will be of help to my dear online marketers. On a particular note, after reading this blog post, how do you feel? You have any question, or you also want to contribute to the audience too? Please feel free to make use of the comment box, and your thoughtful comments will be approved right away. Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope to see you in my next post. You can also join my audience if you even need my blog post update.


Great blog post for us bloggers, gives us a good ideal of what we might be going through as a blogger. It kind of encourages us to keep going and work harder at what we are doing to get what we are looking for. Thanks

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