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Today, I am going to write the short note about INSTANT ARTICLE. I.E "Article Monetization on facebook" I believe you must have heard the word "video monetization" in this article, I am going to tell you about "article monetization" not now, maybe  You have seen many pages or groups which the admins share articles of the new update of their websites or blog, right? Which if its need by people, they may click on their link they provide to read their latest post. Usually, Ads are been placed there which earn them some money.

Before we go ahead on this article, Let me tell you one thing. In the nutshell, there are two major types which articles are shared on Facebook. Which as followed:

     The Normal Article: This as to do with, you share someone links and people started visiting the related website but in these types of articles sharing on Facebook, it will not be monetized why?  Because these types of links opened in all kinds browsers, not on the facebook app. Introducing, the "Instant Article": If you noticed, many times you will discover that, browsing on facebook using your facebook app and whenever you click on an article then the article loads within seconds on the facebook app without redirecting you to any browser. Yes, In these type of articles you can see a symbol of light on the right top side.

In this method called "Instant Article" you need to link your Facebook page to your website or blog which also required verification on your facebook page too. Here, I will tell the simple guild to do this. Note that after verifying the blog or website which will now signify that, all your all future articles on your blog or website will be converted to instant articles.

                      Advantages of Instant Articles

        -  You should know, the most popular benefit of these type of articles is this, they open within seconds without taking much time not even the texts but and videos too. But on a normal article’s "Links sharing" this will redirect you to a browser on their websites or blogs and content also take time to load properly.

       -   Another popular benefit is this,  Facebook only monetizes instant article, not the normal types "Links sharing". So you only get paid if only you enable Instant Articles on your blogs or websites. Whenever you visit an instant article you will see some sponsored ads on that post and these are from facebook not from our google adsense.

    One of the most important things you need to note down is if you have verified your blog or website for this programme "instant article" and also you're a publisher of  Google ads on it then, this will not work for visitors who visit your site through facebook. This will make Facebook replace all the google ads that you have placed on your blog or website to its sponsors ads. Why? Because Facebook only pays for its sponsor ads, not for Google Ads or any other ads implemented on your blog or website.

If you need this Instant Articles to be activated on your blog or website then, you look below on how to activate this on your blog or website.

Below will guild you on how to Activate Instant Articles For your Blog or Website

But before you move to the below guild you must have the following requirement as following:

       - A Facebook Page with many likes. In this, you have to check if your page fan is eligible for instant articles or not. How to check?

    *> visit your facebook page.

    *> Click on Publishing Tool. I recommend you to use PC, MAC or DESKTOP for a proper result.

    To verify if your page is eligible for this program "INSTANT ARTICLES" if you found Instant Articles Option in left side on your page then, you are eligible for the INSTANT ARTICLE. If you didn't find it then, your page is not eligible for it "INSTANT ARTICLE"

       - A Blog or website to activate the Instant Article.

    Now, If you are eligible and Instant Article option is there on the page then, click on Configuration option to activate this Under the menu. All guilds are there you can follow them.

Below will guild you on how to Activate Instant Articles For your Blog or Website

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FIRST GUILD: - Click on Set Up Instant Articles and connect your site using Authorise your site option. If its happen you want to monetize your articles then you have to sign-up through in the Audience Network. It's simple for those using Word-Press blog. You can just install "Facebook Instant Articles" Plugin in your Word-Press blog. After the installation, you can set up your Facebook Page ID and some other information. Then your Word-Press blog is ready to monetized boat your videos and articles.

SECOND GUILD: - After signing up for the audience Network you have to wait for three to four days to verify it. So this is one of the methods you can use to earn money from your Facebook page if you have a blog or website but, if you don’t have a Facebook page with more audience then you can look for one that has a famous FB page with many audiences and can tell them to verify your site on their facebook page for monetization and earnings can be shared 50-50 from all profit. That can helps right ??

Facebook will be a better platform to monetize and you have the chance to start building your page its never too late. I think this article will Helped you out in terms of finding a way to earn from Facebook. Please, do share it with your friends and family to those that need this. You've been encouraged to subscribe to this blog for more articles like this.


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