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how to earn money from LiteracyBase

        Can You Really Make Money Posting Ads Online?

Making money from Facebook has been a ton to some persons; previously I dropped a post on how to make money on your social media account. Many seeking to make money through Facebook have deceived with a saying “I will teach you how to make money with your comments and likes on your profile” to your own view does this sound true to you? Of course not!  Many have been deceived and do away with their paid cash and left without teaching nothing. Making money on Facebook or either any social profiles has not been so easy to the way you look into it. 

 On the post title which we will be discussing, I will unsealed some way(s) in which you can also earn cash from Facebook with a particular focus. But before you will attain this I will love to ask a particular question, answered to yourself, can You Write, Comment, Share, Discuss or socialized? Don’t be so dumfounded or confused with the above questions. You know, writing is a gifted thing from GOD. If you can’t write you can post a comment. If you can’t comment, you can share. If you can’t share of which everyone can do this with just a click of a button. And so on!

                                                                WHY LITERACYBASE?

LiteracyBase: - Is a blogging website and not just a blogging website is an organization that give and provide opportunity for the following persons who that can ;




 Discuss and 


The great opportunity is that it has no limitation whether you are a housewife, student, freelance writer, jobless or working in a company, in this, you can take a little time to contribute some of your precious time to this plartform and get your infinite your reward according to your effort. In this platform, there are many various ways to earn from them [LiteracyBase] in the below, I will simply tell you how you can earn from this platform and each area.

How to Earn Massively On Literacybase
create post

How to Get Paid for Posting Ads on Social-media/Facebook

In few words I will explain in a short note how you can earn your rewards from Literacybase depends on your effort provided by you.  You need to do the below simple tasks that are stated below. The Following activities are arranged in accordance,  i.e which is, in activity one [1] earn more as to compared to activity tw [ 2] and two [2] earn more as compare to three [3] and so on.
The below is arranged on how to get a massive rewards from this platform;

   *>  Earning From Facebook & other Social medias

   *>  Creating new and unique Blog Post & get your Rewards

    *> Comments your thoughts  on Blogs post

   *>  Contribute In Forum Section and this can generate you more  Earning.

   *> Participant in asking useful questions and Topics In Forums.

   *> Also refer Friends to Join And get more Commission

  *> Daily Update Your Activity Wall with Latest News

 *> Create Useful Groups for Relevant Topics & Discussion

 *> Try and Login daily this will help you to Increase Your total  Balance

create account or login option
Open your browser and type  and follow the given details to fill in. Ensure you drop your correct details while filling the form.

                                   How to Withdraw your Money when is due?

As Stated in their FAQ Section of their website, that is why I recommend you to view and access their privacy and policy before taking the step to creating an account. According to their FAQ once you have earned minimum thresholds amount of $10 and above then,  you are entitle to make a withdrawal or be able to redeem your amount Into your Preferred payment option. They accept PayPal and Payoneer. But, in the case of payoneer option, you need to have minimum $30 and above for you to be able to order your payment into your Payoneer account.
Make sure you read their Terms and condition here >
Have any question to ask? Please make use of the comment box and your doubt will be clear to you. Please use share button to reach more friends that need this on how to earn from facebook.


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