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You have been blogging without HTTPS:// on your blogger blog platform while using your custom domain name and you love to switch from HTTP:// to HTTPS://?  Then this blog post is for you. Today, I am going to unseal what they’ve been cover to you in a simply way. HTTPS:// is required to be activated in every blog for your visitors or views to have a trusted and a secure service while surfing your blog or website. Most people monitor this, if the absence of HTTPS:// is not available they might dislike your blog and quite while surfing your blog or website.  Most especially website that deals with credentials details shared.

                While checking the new Google new update, it’s been provides that from the month of July 2018, Google Chrome Browser will identify and restrict users to access blogs or website without HTTPS:// as an unsafe blog or website to browse in. So, for you to avoid this issue from Google, you need HTTPS:// in your blogs or websites. In this article, I am going to show you simple step on how to set HTTPS:// for free without using any SSL INSTALLATION FREE GIVERS. Sound so good right? Google now makes it possible for those blogging on Blogging platforms this free service for no cost.

-          Free SSL installation in your blogger blog dashboard.

-          No stress to set this from the starting point till the end.

-          No Cloudflare  SSL is required or any site that provide from free SSL.

-          For boat custom or hosted domain is free at no cost. i.e or . Setting this, still in within your blogger dashboard.

The above opportunity is what you will gain as a blogger blogging on blogger blog with custom domain or with the hosted domain name. This is absolutely free with no cost. So, let's dive in on how to do this in a simple way. But before you can proceed with this, you need the following requirement to do this as follows:

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-           - A heavy browser, in this case, I strongly recommend GOOGLE CHROME OR FIREFOX MOZILLA BROWSER to do this.

-          -  A PC, MAC or an Andriod smart phone. But, for more proper and smoothly, make use of a PC or MAC.

-            - A blogger blog with a Custom domain name i.e  which you will later change or switch it to . Or you can make a text by using a domain extension with dot (.)tk i.e before you now fully apply it to your original custom domain name.

         After obtaining the above requirement, you can now proceed with the guilds on how to get this done. In just with a blink of an eye, you’re done with it.

                                     HOW TO SET THIS FROM THE STARTS TILL END AS FOLLOWED:

Ø  FIRST GUILD: - Open your blogger blog dashboard linked with the custom domain name on wishes to set from HTTP:// to HTTPS:// installation. As the screenshot guided bellow.
Blogger dashboard

Ø  SECOND GUILD: - Goto SETTINGS > BASICS in this you will notice that it takes a one click on SETTINGS > BASIC automatically, it will navigate to BASIC.
settings > basic

Ø  THIRD GUILD: - Follow the screenshot guilds bellow.

Ø  Change the to become as the screenshot bellow:
with, now enable.

Or You Watch the video for more proper understanding. Don't forget to like video, share and subscribe to the channel

Ø  FORTH GUILD: - After followed the given screenshot above, you need activate it. Follow the screenshot
activating the ssl


Ø  FIFTH GUILD: - You’re done with the activation. Check out your blog to see if it’s really work out.
you're done!

Ø  Refresh the page, this take 2 to 3 minutes to be activated. Please id you face problem while doing this, please use the coments box to notify us. We reply as soon as your comment is approved. Don’t forget to hit the subscribing page.


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