How to verify Your Foreign Google Adsense Account From Nigeria

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In this short article, I will disclose to you how you will verify your foreign Google Adsense account such as; the UK, U.S.A   like this two country as the case study. Google Adsense is well known as the best for Publishers to use for their blogs or websites monetization. This helps bloggers to earn a little or more of their effort into their account. Using a Google Adsense account differ from your Country has a very much difference, how? I will simply tell you the difference behind this.
Using another Country Google Adsense account required a definite address of that same Country address before one can verify his/her Adsense account. This request you to implement current address which pin will be sent before you can verify the account. One of the best types is by using a Google Adsense account of your country which you can easily without no stress receive your PIN directly to your address door or any post office available. One of the most reason why some publishers do use Adsense of difference Country is that:

*> Difficult to get approved @no-reply

*> Low of CPC [some publishers do prefer to use foreign Adsense account base on the CPC "high CPC"]

*> High of currency exchange [good example is the Europe currency]

I believe the above drafted out appeared to be one of the reasons why one [publisher] do prefer to use foreign Google Adsense account. Now, using foreign Google Adsense account also have the disadvantage which falls or implies:
*> Payment will be done via Payoneer account
*> Pin for verification [main important thing before you can set to withdraw your payment] will only be sent to a provided address of the foreign Google Adsense account.
  Considering the above and still insist then, this article is for you, “How to verify your Foreign Google Adsense Account even as a Nigeria”. Then, I strongly encourage you to pay very close attention to this short piece of article.
                           How to verify Your Foreign Google Adsense Account even as a Nigeria
To succeed you need to have the following requirement:
*> Assuming you’re verifying U.K Google Adsense account, and then you need a valid U.K address.
*> You need to register an account with  Further will explain what
Shoptomydoor is.
*> You need this URL

Attaining the above requirement then, you’re good to proceed. And follow the guild below:

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First  Guild: - Heard over to this site and register After then, Register an account with them in the process, an address will be generating for you as your permanent U.K address you registered with.

Second Guild: - In these steps, you need to enter the virtual address that was generated while signing up on in your Google Adsense account which you’re requesting to verify. Ensure, you didn’t make any errors while doing this because this might cause you to not receiving the PIN to verify the Adsense account.

Third Guild: - Now afterward, will be notified through the email you used while signing up in their site. Through the email, you will be notified the new update about the shipping of the PIN to verify your Google Adsense account. After following this guild, you need to have a little patience to wait.
   It might take less or more than 9 [NINE] working days for Google to ship you the PIN to verify your Adsense account direct to After Shoptomydoor received your PIN, You have to make payment to Shoptomydoor before the PIN will be released to you, through your email address provided while creating an account.
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