How to Make Money without A Website in Clickbank using a Secret Traffic Source

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 Click – bank marketing is base on promoting one product to many people [difference people from difference Country] to make people get or order a product from your referral link [Affiliate link] and at the end of the month you got your commission of partnering with them. Today, I will show you the secrete that many clink – bank pro use in getting some huge amount of money from their product. Nowadays is very difficult for one to promote their link like using:


Even when you intend to use a landing page, a time will come when you starting to hit huge volumes of sales [traffic].  Facebook will still look for a way to find out what you’re promoting and at the end, they will terminate it the same as Google Adwords. Yea! Many pros still earn ton huge amount of money from these very Click – Bank affiliation.

Even when it seems to be complicated with what running Ads will not benefit.  In this Article that is what I will tell you especially those so call super affiliate cranks out $500 – 1k in just a days with this very steps.
  To set up every in this campaign can completely take as:

*>It took an hour to set everything up.

*>The results were pretty outstanding.

           What Do You understand by Solo Ad?

Before any other thing, I will briefly explain in a little word what SOLO AD is.  A solo ad is or is simply mean is when you pay someone else to send out emails to their list of their emails [usually a squeeze page].

The solo ad is been paid on a pay per click basis [PPC]. Which mean, You pay someone for a certain amount of clicks to your link in their email to your page you provided while setting up the campaign. Clear example as followed:
Assuming you want to buy 300 clicks to your squeezed page or pages for $50 which will cost [$0.50 per click on your link(s)] you provide.
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The guilds would be like this as following:

First Guild: - You Pay by using PayPal to the seller which will cost $50.

Second Guild: - You send the person [the solo ad seller] your email text [your ad copy]. As the followed screenshot:

Third Guild: - The solo ad seller will then send out your email ad to his/her email subscribers on the very date and day both agreed on.

Forth Guild: - This will now refer to the seller’s subscribers after clicking on the link you provide like the above diagram, they will land on your page [Your sales provided link]

In the nutshell, you can also use other others people working and effective emails available in your niche that they build over the years or months [should be active].


Thus: Why this Source of Traffic provider Powerful?

It’s been built in specific niches [ The seller has already built trust and relationships with their list, the responders ]. The “subscribers” trusted and have confidence in dealing with him or her. like him and buy from him, immediately the publish their product, their subscribers are ready to grab it and more likely to take action. So, I personally recommend the quality of email traffic.

 What you should and must know is that: Not every mail list is been built equally and every mails list owner treat their subscribers in a different way, so in this case, in any time you got solo ads from different sellers you’re not to expect the same result.

You may see the below results:

 *>  How many people respond to the link you provided [ click on your link will become your subscribers]

*>  How many will buy your product you offer [ Click - bank product ] after they opt-in.

*> How many still want to positively remain on your list.

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