Freebitcoi New Updated Script For new Account 2018 - Earn Full Bitcoin a Day

NAIJATROOP script update to lesser account. Hey, bitcoin lovers, today I will share you guys the new updated script not that the previous script is not working, is still working and generating enough bitcoin from Freebitco. Many users have been emailing me about, "The previous script required a particular amount in which you're eligible to do this, which can multiply your bitcoin" yea! this is true! Today, considering those that are just new to the system, I will share you the script to lesser account credit owner. In this script, you can start with 100BTC balance in your account. This script works fine and most effectively. You can now double your bitcoin in your account from Freebitco using the particular script.

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Get the script from the link below. And follow the guild lines that it is required.

 How to use the script:

*> Open your browser and type and hit the enter key. Create an account for new users and log in. I recommend using Google Chrome for it is the best browser.
*> In this stage scroll down and wegar some amount of bitcoin which is available in every 1hour. I believe in this you can wegar in every hour passed which will help you to boost your free wegaring bitcoin before you're now due to follow the procedure to implement the script option. Hey! Note that, you must have at least 100 to 1000BTC in your Freebitcoi  account.
*> After completing the above step. Then, you can now move to the next option…. Click on the multiple BTC as the screenshot gives.

*> Now right – click and click on inspect option to open the developer option. Click on the console place and paste the code in the open place then, hit the enter key and allow your coin to start rolling in. Waite for some time to continue rolling in. In case you found any errors while doing this, please you can use the comment box. Subscribe before getting Get the script for free here: -PREMIUM FREEBITCO SCRIPT


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Will try this out and give feedback...

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