Updated 2020 100% Working Freebitco Script - Earn 0.05BTC


The new latest working script for Freebitco.in  site. It's not a new thing on how Bitcoin operates nowadays. Bitcoin started from a very low cost and today, Bitcoin is one of the biggest coin acceptable in all financial institute.  I know the amount of Bitcoin it has gotten to and these make many people having some casual feeling that "OH! I made a very mistake in not investing on Bitcoin" I can tell today,  its never too late You can start investing if You will. I  believe Bitcoin will still have an impact on more changes. Previous I  wrote on freebitco which is very essentials to glanced at. You can do that here.

Here on this page, download the FreeBitco.co script and follow the instruction given...

       Keyword to NOTE :-

*> never be so greedy not to share this from the start to the end.

*> Freebitco.in script operates in many ways, how? Don't let it run for long.

*> After applying this script, You must be present "in Freebitco.in mining site" to know if the Bitcoin is going down or not.

*> This goes to the second note, once you notice the amount of Bitcoin you got is decreasing, you can quickly log out.

*> Make use in every hour, if interested.
*> And never be so rude to just get the script and forget to give comments on compensation.

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 How to use the script

coinpayu FIRST GUILD:- Goto Freebitco.in and create an account with them or you log in if already have. Then, you log in to your newly created account.

SECOND GUILD:- Download the Script from the below links. Play and earn bitcoin for a start. There is an opportunity granted to every user sign in for every hour to play and earn some amount of BTC.

THIRD GUILD:- In this stage, You have to use the script wisely. Right click and click on the "INSPECT ELEMENT" Copy and paste the "script 1" for like 3 to 6 times. NOTE: In each script, you copy paste, ensure you hit the enter key.

LASTLY:- Copy the "script 2" and paste it and hit the enter key. Follow the prompt command generates and you're done. Allow the script to do its job.
NOTE:- Make sure you work on the "keyword to note" if you forget to follow as instructed "keywords to note" You might not earn a dine.
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What is the password?

Script downloaded requesting for password

Thanks for contacting us.
Use this as the pass-code 12876

What is the password. 12876 dont work

sorry password updated 12@3

Joe sir sorry to say this winrar file exit only one file and this script loses all btc please sir original script publish

joel sir first i sorry to say that winrar file consist only one script which password is 12876 and this script loses all my btc satoshi in my freebitco.in account please help me no btc in account please give me 1000 roll script to back our btc in small time thanks i pray you.

I downloaded, but it was not a rar or zip file.
How to open it?

hi Nigel. Did it work for you? and can you please show a visual step by step on what to do? I would appreciate that. Thank you

not opening the script

tải về được và k mở được lên..xin cho tôi tập xin mở sẵn tới dau.noma@gmail.com được không

I can not download the ads always appear jd.id
Please help me.

i cant download https://go.oclasrv.com/afu.php?zoneid=1407888&var=1837184 that is not real download link

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