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The most important thing for an iPhone user(s) is "Activation".  Activation  is the most important process to be performed before any iPhone is put to use. Most time,  the activation process seems to works smoothly and fine, right ? What if you come across some error during the activation ?  In most cases, iTunes shows error message suggesting that the activation cannot be performed.

Some while performing the activation You come accross errors, that simply mean that, Your iPhone device has the latest OS updates installed along with working sim card.  If the the iPhone/handset is locked with particular network,  ensure that You are using the SIM from the same network. What You must know is, activation from Your mobile phone network is important if You wish to use Your iPhone as phone instead of using it like iPod on wireless network.  So, if the simple activation process fails, it is advisable to immediately contact your phone network to get the issue solved out for You. Here today, You will learn some basics skills on how You can activate Your iPhone osteps by steps.

ACTIVATION STEP 1 :-  Activating Your  iPhone to be used as Wi-Fi device

Basically there are two ways You can activate Your  iPhone device(s). Here is the first one "Activating Your  iPhone to be used as Wi-Fi device"  You can activate it with active sim card, or without sim card by connecting it with your PC that has iTunes. You do not need sim card to use Your iPhone and its applications. You can use Your iPhone like iPod by simply connecting it with wireless network.

NOTE :- There are  two kinds of iPhones in the market, which are  "CDMA and GSM."  Some CDMA  happens to be the iPhone types that have sim card slot, but they are programmed only to work with specific CDMA networks. The good that, You can easily and smoothly unlock both types of iPhones so that You can use them as wireless devices.

ACTIVATION STEP 2 :-  To  Activate iCloud activation lock with Official iPhoneUnlock


You can activate You iPhone through their official website and Your iPhone will be activated in just 2-3 working days.  The trutrh must be told they will charge You some little bulks but not much. Here is their Official iPhoneUnlock website to activate Your stubborn iPhone.  officialiphoneunlock.co.uk   is a website which can provide online service to unlock Your iPhone. If you want to activate you iCloud activation lock, then, this is the best option for You.  Here let's see how to activate iPhone activation lock step by steps using their Official website.

FIRST GUILD :-  Directly go to  officialiphoneunlock.co.uk Official iPhoneUnlock website. And select "iCloud Unlock" just as the screen shot describe bellow.

SECOND GUILD :- Here You have to enter Your iPhone device details. These require Your device model and IMEI code as shown below.  After submitting the request, Then  You have to Waite for  1-3 days,  You will get your iPhone activated. This is very simple to do right ? But, You will be charge some little bulks for Your service.


ACTIVATION STEP 3 :- How To  Activate Your iPhone with iTunes

In this method, You would require active SIM card inserted in the SIM slot section during the activation process. Connect the iPhone device You want to activate  to the computer that has iTunes installed in the particular device that You want to use to activate.  First, Create a back - up, erase all the content and reset the device. Then, unplug the iPhone device from the Computer,  switch off,  and reconnect to the PC using USB.  Select the option to activate your iPhone. The system will prompt You to enter Your apple id and password.  Follow the instructions giving on the screen of Your Computer for activation.  Once You are done with the set-up, remove the sim card. You're done with the activation,  You can now start using your iPhone on wireless mode.

ACTIVATION STEP 4 :-  How To activate old iPhone like 3GS

To usm this technique to activate older iPhones is almost similar.  The most recommended method is to connect the iPhone device to PC that has iTunes installed in it.

FIRST GUILD :-  Insert blank [ not activated ] SIM card in the SIM slot,  then You connect the device to iTune and within few seconds, Your iPhone device will be unlocked from activation screen.

NOTE :- Apple is extremely advanced when it comes to detecting lost or stolen iPhones device.  So, if You find iPhone, or iPod touch somewhere, never think about using them for Your safety because You might get caught in the act of using it.

ACTIVATION STEP 5 :- How To Fix iPhone errors after activation

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It might happens that, Your  iPhone might get errors after the activation.  Most especially  when You try to restore your iPhone,  You may get iTunes and iPhone errors, which may be stated as " iPhone error 1009, iPhone error 4013 " and many  more.  We have will lead You through on how to  solve the issues is such happen along the way.  Here We suggest You should try dr.fone - Repair to help you solve Your problem.  This tool here is developed to fix various types of iOS system errors, iPhone errors and iTunes errors. With this tool  " dr.fone "  You can easily fix all these issues without losing any of  Your data. Let's check the box blow to know more about this software.


You can download the free version trial here http://download.wondershare.com/drfone_repair_full3371.exe

Please, if You don't know how to put this into work, You can watch the video for full guild and directions here. 

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