How To Sign up for Foreign Google Adsense Account Even As a Nigeria Or As a Foreigner

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Its very common even as a Nigerian or even some foreign Countries  bloggers will found it very difficult to submit Google Adsense application. In this articles I will be disclosing some tips known by some pro-bloggers which they refused to disclose or shown you. Its may be so supprisely to you when you notice when one is selling many difference Google Adsense of which you will be like, ah! how do they do that, right ? Mostly this articles titled [How To Sign up for Foreign Google Adsense Account Even As a Nigeria] but, you can use this to sign up for any Country You found yourself. Its very and understandable.

While this articles precisely is that, even as Nigerian many bloggers do found it very difficult to summit Google Adsense application in Countries they what be Publisher for Google. Its of recent I noticed, many bloggers do like UK or USA Google Adsense and they can't summit the application to Google on their own, that is the major problem they do face. Without wasting much time, if you're such looking for way to do this, I  strongly encourage you to pay very close attention to this. Which will not take much of your time to do this.

How To Sign up for Foreign Google Adsense Account Even As a Nigeria Or As a Foreigner

still, I  strongly encourage you to pay very close attention in this if you need success at last! But, make sure before embark on this, you can make use of mobile device but, I recommend PC for this why ? many tabs will be used of which you should not close. In this article we will use UK  Google Adsense as a case study for this tutorial for much understanding.

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FIRST GUILD :- Open your browser, tab  and type this to sumit the application of your type Countries you wish to go for.  After the web page open, in the sites input section, write your blog or site URL there. Stroll down and select your Country     USA. In the next page you will be instructed to put your address.

SECOND GUILD :- Open another tab and write  Make sure to select the appropriate Country you have chosen while signing up for Google Adsense at the first page. Move back to tab "A" and copy paste all the address provided in the tab "B" but, is not a compulsory task to still use the name from tab "B" you can use your name. In the Countries selection, select your Country "Nigeria or any Country you belong" and write in your valid phone number in the section. NOTE : I mean, your valid mobile phone number, don't use any mobile number generated else where.

THIRD GUILD :- After you complete the option given the next option is to verify your contact. This is where some found it difficult to verify their mobile number. NOTE :- You use your Country mobile number not the mobile phone number you selected while signing up. So, Google will send you a code to verify the account irrespective of the verification you selected. Write the code in the verification section and verify your account.

FORTH GUILD :- Open your blogger dashboard or any platform that you chose and paste in the Ad Code in "<head>" like the below image for blogger dashboard. Or you can also select some widget from the layout and paste the code in there, then saved.

That is all, in the next 3 working days, Google will mail you of your status, approved or not! Please, drop your comment if you encounter any errors whild doing this.

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