How to Manage Your Blogspot Domain With Free Domain

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Its awesome if all the way seeking for help  that regards to this post and  you finally change your Blogspot URL domain name, isn't it ? [solve your problem] At times its some how harassing when your visitors notice that you're still using Blogspot. Of amount  of mails [contacted us] We received all concerned are of this similar issue. In this dry economic we are today, its hard to get a domain name irrespective of your choice.  At times, you want to start up blog  but the finance is not acquire you begin to ask many question to yourself [how will start up this blog ?] Yea! its happens like this several times may be this [not enough fund to start up the blog event, you wanna start] can even terminate vision in creating a blog and share to the whole World what you got.

Hey! lets been real here and be mindful, okay!  Let me share more enlightenment in this sphere. Forget the professional outlook of the blog you wanna create. Set your mind to your target. You can read my recent blog post here of which I title : How Can You Deal with People Who Don’t Believe Blogging Is a Real Job Sorry for too long with my writing, just the real wanna share with you guys. You can start up a professional blog with this platform :



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The above platform are completely free with no cost. You can start up a blog using the above  platform for a while you can decided to switch  to a paid domain name and paid hosting servicing  [dot com and paid hosting] Does using any of this free platform have negative impart in your blogging carrier ? Its so real that most bloggers or upcoming bloggers will be like, using a free hosting is for  "POOR BLOGGERS" woh!!! Is that it ? Let me tell you this, if you wanna host on any platform that is of free hosting service, I there advice you to better host your blog on BLOGSPOT because, there are lot of features you will earn while partnering with them like ;

*> No hosting problem.

*> No birdwight limit

*> No limited storage. And many more!

While decided to move to paid hosting you can simpling move all your contents, [comments, images, pages, posts] to your newly paid hosting platform.  Some will be like, hosting on Blogspot [I will not be able to design it to my taste]. Common! You can design blogspot to your taste all you need is codes [html codes] then you're good to go! After determined your mind ton host on free hosting BLOGSPOT precisely, domain name ? You can get free domain like ; dot CF. GQ. GA. TK to shorten your blogspot domain URL here you have nothing to scare of, scard of how to monetize it with GOOGLE ADSENSE..... You can apply and get approval from GOOGLE ADSENSE using dot CF. GQ. GA. TK if your contents are unique.

So, lets move to the main topic of this post [why this post was created].  [How to Manage Your Blogspot Domain With Free Domain] Managing your blogspot domain using any free domain service has to do with how you can link your free domain name with your blogspot. This post is made for those who find it hard and caught of their vision in creating blog(s) each time they found them self here. Here, with the guilds provided here, you can simply do this without anyone by your side. Trust me, if you read this blog post to the end, you can create a free blogs with free domain name [dot. tk, cf, qg, ga] in just few minutes.

How to Manage Your Blogspot Domain With Free Domain

FIRST GUILD :- After creating your blogspot  using [] now you want to short it to something like, [ or, cf, ga, qg]. Open another tab and type this here you can search your choice domain name for free, hey! NOTE : There are domain in there, like, dot net, com and many more those domain name are not free. Go for domain name like,  tk or, cf, ga, qg all those domain name are completely free for the first year. Search for your domain domain similar to your blogspot URL or you can choose another if you don't want to use domain name similar to your blogspot domain.

SECOND GUILD :- Search and order your free domain name. Then, you will be asked to verifiy your account and fill the form page given. Make sure, you must not close the two tabs! After you have successfully order for your free domain name, it will be active instantly. Click on the setting tab. Directed below with screenshot.

THIRD GUILD :- Click on "ADD RECORDS" there you will ask to enter your records of the host. Don't add any thing yet. Now open the Blogger blog tab click on settings > basic then, scroll down.  Like the screenshot directed.
settings > basics
enter your purchase domain name []
DNS generated

FORTH GUILD :- Enter the domain name you have gotten from FREENOM and make sure you add "www" e.g [ ].  Automatically  Google  DNS will be generated liike the below screenshot. Once the GOOGLE DNS has been generated, go back to the tab [FREENOM TAB "ADD RECORDS"] Here you will implement the DNS given to you from Blogger blog dashboard.  Simply for the screenshot direction to best understanding.
Once you have implementing GOOGLE DNS then, you hit save and goto your blogger blog dashboard and save also. Congratulation Your new blog is ready with free domain name. Please share this to friend to need this and most importantly, if you are lost in any angle please do well to comments below for we are there to help you out! THANK YOU!

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