How to Claim 31,147 POW 'lite', worth $8.67 With Just by Sign-up with Social media Account

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POW is a standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain with two innovations which make it unique.
Whic are as followed :

*> POW 'LITE' is the non :- Blockchain version of POW. It is held in the POWtoken account which make users and account holders to make free  with easy transactions with one another.  Ultimately POW 'LITE' will be  fungible with the ERC20 POW that exists on the  Blockchain

*> A Global 'AIRDROP' of POW 'LITE' to over 2 billion Worldwide social media account holder, with the  ability to hold  the single most widely held currency on the planet

POW Account And POW LITE Ethereum  could,
have over many effect to the world, but by the acceptance of its founder [Vitalik Buterin] , technology is not ready for much market adoption.  Ethereum Blockchain can only handle 17  transactions a second which pales compared to the volumes achieved by services like PayPal and VISA.

Today, I will show you how to claim : 31,147 POW 'lite', worth $8.67  just by creating an account using your social account like Twitter and facebook..
Hey! this is with no stress just be enter the site login with your Social media account.

To be able to claim : 31,147 POW 'lite', worth $8.67, you must obtain the following requirement :
*> Your social media account that you're using must be created atleast a year old.
*> Using facebook as your login media account, the facebook account must be linked with an email account. If not, you will not be login.

How to Claim 31,147 POW 'lite', worth $8.67 With Just by Sign-up with Social media Account

Goto SIGN-UP, create an account with any of your social account media Facebook or twitter    After you create an account with your social media account a screen-shot will appear like the bellow page.

Once you receive the above screenshot, then you're done. Your free 31,147 POW 'lite', worth $8.67 will be draft on your account. NOTE : If the social media account you used to to sign-up is not at least 5 months older, it will not be approved. Happy free earning.

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