How Can You Deal with People Who Don’t Believe Blogging Is a Real Job


Okey Guys, this is just worth writting at after having  some competitors from other source [  source name hidden ].  You may be dealing with a poop load of blogging resistance. Yea! its real, after making up my  mind to become a blogger. Many challenges from many angles arose  that make me to start having the feeling of changing to another source direction of my online activities.  [ Still, I am not disclosing the source for security purpose.

 I love every one who suceed in any online business ] "Oops! Blogging don't pay and You want to be part of the sphare ? " that was the responce gotten from friends immediately they have the knowledge that " I AM A BLOGGER ". To me, should this my blue-print for failure or blue-print for success ?  You need to ask You, reading this right now that same question "should this my blue-print for failure or blue-print for success ? " Because You don’t work a “ real job ” according to some people that  know You spent every single seconds on top of SYSTEM. I know, When I was new to blogging, I face many difficulties from  Family and Friends. They do  asked

me when I was going to land a real job. A job that will paid the bills. A job that will afford me generous  medical benefits. ?  Till date, some folks believe I am sitting on a system  all day and night long, dawnling around, passing the time doing something silly with my system. In certain Country where blogging is slowly  having the impart of gaining traction as a viable means of  earning the full time income, You may face many criticism from Family and Friends each time they seens

You ON SYSTEM.  Some people may be  just entirely rudely hear-ted when is blogging mentioned and some will like to be part of the sphere but, he/she can't afford to spend the time I do spent doing nothing [ just want they thought ] They believe its a fallacy, myth, or some fabrication of Yours that keeps  You out from the real WORLD JOB! I just want to share this base on what I've faced from the very right time I begin the blogging job. Today,

I what to share to You guys 8 [EIGHT] Powerful words  that will help You to be freed from those, anger, criticism, resenmtent, or even act of jealousy, and any other energy that flows in Your way from those  such Family and Friends. The thing is this  " All About Them is  Not About You!!! "The thing here is this, If someone doesn’t or dobt blogging is a not a real online job,  business or legitimate job, then consider the above statement which say,  " All About Them is  Not About You!!! "

NOTE 1 :- When someone tried to be critical of You while doing Your job [ Blogging ],  Believe me, they are just  seeing You succeeding through their own chosen prism of fear-based emotions, jealousy, and the most overall is that lack of clarity that reflects someone who in truth. DEAR FELLOW BLOGGERS,


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NOTE 2 :- When someone leaving in thesame home town or village as the case may be, who  tells You to get a real job or to build a legitimate business and tells You to stop waisting Your timely precious time .typing aways at the keyboard all day and night so You can get to the real world Job [ Lol, is that Your business for You  to me ? Oops! ] it has nothing to do with You and everything  that concerns what You do!

NOTE 3 :- These days, even if the folks I am closest to question why I do what I do, if it is legitimate and attempt to dissuade me from blogging as much as I do, I sit unstirred. No fear there. No anger there. No lack of clarity there. Peace. Calm. Love. Fun. No fighting.

NOTE 4 :- The most important thing You need to understand is, when You're contempt with what You do or doing then, face it with  no regards to Friends who try to dissuade You from it. I have fun when rendering generous service to human beings for their needs in a period of time every day, Like any business owner, offline or online.

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NOTE 5 :- When some one shares a unhearted critical opinion of how I view my life, it has everything ton concerns them and nothing to concerns me. So, I look no silly back rather I  carry on, smiling, knowing the argument involves the individual and themselves and has nothing to impact from me.
Bloggers Worldwide, lets Unite together!, "its worth it"

NOTE 6 :- My fellows BLOGGERS in every part of the whole WORLD, Nigerians Bloggers [my African bloggers], Pakistani bloggers, Indian bloggers, Rocking bloggers and Bangladeshi bloggers in all the nations where blogging is still seen with a thing of imagination to the eye by the general public, I understand what You're going through.  Few months ago  I can still  recall, my mom telling me after being convinced of what I do online, she finally accept it and tell me this  “Let’s face it; You’re an office worker, just as others ”, when I talked about what I do that makes me happy and earn somes bulks online. Credit to My lovely mum, I love You mom, heaps!!!

NOTE 7 :- Some times, Friends and Family will just walk to me and tell, " I am wasting my time on the internet, I smile " NOTE : " All About Them is  Not About You!!! " When some tells me I am sitting there on PC every day and night fall working when I should be out enjoying life, interacting with human beings in an offline setting and getting away from the computer, I smile. [does that matter in the life of a BLOGGER ?]

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NOTE 8 :- My fellow BLOGGERS, don’t allow an unclear person’s views to drive  You away from what You do to make You happy.  Have fun with and while blogging. Try and render useful service to the World. NOTE :- You write for the whole World not You alone! Be generous. See and feel the human beings You are helping with needed information, serving and inspiring through the internet medium. At this juction, I would love to take a break, thank You for coming and reading this I APPRECIATE!
What You must know, to my fellows Bloggers in Nigerians, the blogging World will change in our  Country some day. When all boys with PC seems to be frauds-star who stream round the  internet World  seeking to whom to play dirty game with.... hmmmmmmmm.......


Thanks for re-awaking my spirit.
Thank you!

now i can finally defend myself against those bitches
thanks so much

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