Best Bitcoin Mining Software for PC, Mining 0.1BTC In 40minutes With Your PC

After downloading the software, install and follow the steps bellow:

Don't mine in the hot hour.

Make sure its cool before youb start mining.

Recommended time 7 - 12am

Alternate downloading links :   or HERE


FIRST GUILD :- Create an account and login you account you've created. Make sure you put your correct details.

SECOND GUILD :- After shown your account have been created, you can now login to your newly created account and start mining your free BTC.

THIRD GUILD :- Goto Mining and select on the screen-shot bellow.

 Start mining as many time you want. Good luck and don't forget to follow the instruction, info and Cautions above.



Hello Joel. I gave this software and video to a pal of mine based in London and he returned with a claim that it was a scam. After he completed the mining and he paid the mining fee, the amount of btc he mined wasn't reflected in his blockchain account. I'm yet to watch your video though to check out how you were able to withdraw. Awesome videos by the're the best.