Steps To Take Screen - grab On The New iPhone - X

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Hey Guys!  Welcome back back to another tutorial. The  awaited iPhone X was officially launched few months back  "September" on an event that was exclusively held for the iPhone X device.  This device [iPhone X] had some crazy features, no doubt, and it's the company's 2017 flagship device.

To be told truthfully, Apple added so crazy wanted features and changed a lot of things on the new iPhone X device.  The most noticeable features that was changed is the way You perform the screenshot on the iPhone X.  Apart from diverting  the way You take screenshots on the iPhone X,  some other features on the new iPhone X  were also changed also.

Hey Guy!
Today, We will show You the new out look of taking screen-grab on the new iPhone X.  Very pretty sure that many under-rate the new look of iPhone X relating it to be same as others iPhones in terms of features, No! iPhone X features is completely differ from others iPhones and taking screen-grab on the new iPhone X is also differ from other iPhones.  In this article, We're leading You Guys through "Steps to take screen-grab on the new iPhone X"  These steps are quite different from other iPhones devices.. 

    Steps To Take Screen-grab On The New iPhone X

FIRST GUILD :- Navigate to the screen which you would like to take a screenshot.  Hold and press down the power button [the Power button is the button which is on the right side of your iPhone X, the only button on the right].

SECOND GUILD :- After holding the power button for about two seconds, press the volume up button and hold it down too [the volume button is on the left side of Your iPhone X device. It is the button right below the ring/silence switch]. Take-screenshot-iPhone-x

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Once the screenshot is taken, Your iPhone screen will flashing display, and your device will make a click sound. It may or may not sound or even make a different sound based on Your iPhone X sound settings however, as long as You see a flashing display on Your screen,  that  means screen-grab had taken place and saved automatically on Your  Gallery or respective folder  >  Screenshots.

SECOND ALTERNATE :- If after following using the  above steps and still, doesn’t work, You can always use the Assertive Touch on Your iPhone X to take Your screen-grab....

If after trying the above guilds still found difficulties please make use of the comment box for assistance.. THANK YOU!

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