[FACEBOOK TIPS] Steps to View Pictures in Free Moding on Facebook


It's so obvious that many know about this trick or not but they keep it to themselves which sound so bad! So, today We're disclosing the long uncover trick to You Guys! Yea! Facebook has become the World most loving popular social media on the living Earth that even an infant child will love to have a place as well [creating account].  Today, over 10 thousand users Facebook received as  new users. That's why to some new users they [Facebook] take a proper  out look  before they allow You to be using the new account  or You can even end up in  losing the account once they detect any suspecting activities, they take no trash for granted nowadays!

 But, don't worry about that, as many blog posts will be unleasing here You will get to find a way to deal with that,[creating Facebook account without BAN!] okay! But, I huge You to join the old users here to summit Your email to be receiving our dailing update! Once, any blog post is updated here You will be notify. Hey! mind You, if You summit any of Your  emai(s) for dailing update, You must verify  the email(s) to show that the email(s) belongs to You and check Your email every single chanced day!

So today, We gonna be disclosing to You Guys the trick [Steps to view pictures in free Moding on facebook] Does this sound interesting or not?  If it is please after test and confirmed kindly hit tthe share button to friends to also make  this  known to them. Let's with joining hands make the World more safer place to each other by sharing this! But, before the trick You must pertain or process the bellow following materials for this to work out smoothly.


*> Zain or Air-tel Sim - card

*> A facebook Lite

*> Facebook Lite Messager

*> And the most needing one is Your Andriod Smartphone.

I believe this is World wide not only a particular Country benefiting because AIR-TEL network is WIDE WORLD USAGE! So, bearing or processing the above materials hit the next steps for this tutorial articles.
Hey! To ensure and come up with the best result, You must follow the steps being guilded here and while trying this, thus error, please use the comments box we will reply You as quickly You expect.

Steps to View Pictures in free Moding on  Facebook

FIRST GUILD :- Open Your Facebook lite recommeded above. There is a tab clickable to which indicates [SEE PHOTOS/VIDEOS MODE]. Don't worry about this. Click on it [SEE PHOTOS/VIDEOS]. Hey! hope You're using Your Airtel or Zain sim card ? After clicking on it. Behold it will opt not to go forward again [Not be able to access further again]. To confirm this, erase the Facebook lite Apps from the minimize control. After erasing it try to login again and if it seems not to connect again Yea! You're in there right angle to further with this.

SECOND GUILD :- Now, open Your Facebook lite messager. NOTE : There is a big difference with this, MESSAGER AND FACEBOOK LITE MESSAGER. After opening Your Facebook lite messager, swive or nevigate to the right place where You will get to see Your  :

*> Your profile tab

*> Facebook

*> Notification & Sounds

*> People

*> Message Request

*> Switch Account

*> Report a Problem

*> Help

*> Priovacy & terms

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Click on the "Facebook"  to view Your notification. Now, this is how the magic work. After clicking on the "Facebook" its will redirect You to Facebook lite Apps allow it to loads as usual. Smile, You're there. You can now see and view  Your friends pictures uploaded. HEY! You must login with the same account with the Facebook lite messager and Facebook lite Apps.

Now, You can now see and view pictures. NOTE : This does not work if You wanna play Facebook videos. 

SPECIAL ADVICE :- If You haven't be of  this sim holder [AIRTEL SIMS] or You dislike it please do ensure You grab it from the nearest market or from their official Office. There are lot of features it came along with.  If this works out for You or You encountered errors along the way while doing this don't waste Your precious time, state Your place of lost in the commentary box. Hey! if Your comment(s) is detected as spam, it will be removed with no notice.... THANK YOU!


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