Download New Version Of GBwhats-App V6.30 With New Added Features

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Good news Guys! We are here to announced to You Guys some features on  GBWhats-App is  now updated and new version is released...
I guess many here know what's  GBWhats-App is, what it does ?  Well,  if it happen that You're new in this system, there is another Whats-App from the one You've known to be the normal Whats-App, don't worry its 100% safe! GBWhats-App helps You to use the Whats-App messager to Your satisfaction.  These are some of the features GBWhats-App come along with.

*> Alow You to run more than two working  Whats-App  without getting errors.

*> Alow You customize You theme.

*> Alow You to pin groups to the Home page for direct access.

*> Alow You to change font and change Your  Whats-App out look.

*> Delete or recall sent messages on whats-App.

*> You can hide or view the status privacy ,  It includes option for hiding chats, saving status or story.

*> More Emoji added to  Whats-App.

*> The video calling feature works without any issue.

*> Video of any size up to 50 MB is shareable.

*> Alow You to hide,  You can hide Your last seen, the blue ticks, second tick, even the “typing a message” showing angle.

*> Creating a chatting group and grab the link for invitation to any where on social media.

*> You can send a broadcast message to up to 600 people at one time.

*> Its has its  special link for downloading [Not found in play-store or any Apps store]

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    These are some  features that  GBWhats-App  possesses and having these features make Whats-App cool! You can add Your features exception here.
You can try it out ! 

Now the features bellow are the new released version 6.30

NOTE :- More features are added with the previous version located bellow:

*> Now found in Play-store.

*> More powerful  ability in a click  to Send text Broadcast to a Groups [Only Text Messages]

*> More powerful ability to Filter Messages when Cleared Chat.

*> Anti-Revoke  added to the privacy option.

*> With cleared  Fixed Maps while sending locations.

*> Live location sharing enabler.

*> Image and Video Filters enabler.

*> Center  chat option centered, Names in Conversation Header [Mod 1.1.15]

*> Storage Management in advance [Settings – Data & Storage]

*> Quick response to messages. How ? > [Hold and press message, then click on the Text Entry]

*> Anti Revoke Custom  added.

*> Ability to Revoke/restrict multiple Message at the same time.

*> Ability to Copy text status [Open Options & Click on Copy]

*> Ability to Send 100 Documents.

*> Gif search and Emoji theme added.

*> Select multiple contacts in Scheduler for a Single Message. How ? > [Press and Hold the contact you want to select)
    Fixed Emoji Scroll]  You can add Your experienced if used.

How to install this [GBWhats-App] in Your Android Phone ? Then, the bellow guild is for You!

FIRST GUILD :- Copy and paste the downloading link into Your UR bar. Or You can click the downloading link bellow for quick access.

NOTE :- You must set the Security Apps block from un-know source. How ?  Open Your Android home click on the settings ICON >  Security > Unknown Sources and tick it.

SECOND GUILD :- After downloading the GBWhats-App don't install it if You've not allow from "unknown source" download and save it in the file downloading folder. in-respect of the browser You use. You must set "Allow from UN-know source" to avoid restriction of installing the App.

THIRD GUILD :- Locate the saved folder and click to install. Or You can navigate the top bar of Your phone to install direct without locating it.

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FORTH GUILD :- Open GBWhats-App after installed, follow the normal question.  While installing You can back up Your recent chat. Now You're done! HAPPY FREE CHATTING!

Downloading Links :-

Download From their official site :-

Please invite Your friends to also download and enjoy the free chatting place.! 

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