[ANDRIOD GUILD] Guilds To Recover Forgotten Pattern Lock on Android Phones or Tablets

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Hey Guys! If You were landed from a web page or You're viewing this directly, You're welcome. Here You will learn the full section On how to remove Your forgotten pattern/passcode parmantly if You missed out the first article on the first section please click [ANDRIOD GUILD] Steps to Remove A Forgotten passcode/pattern From Your Andriod Phone [Section 1]. On the first article [section] which is where You have learnt how to remove Your passcode/pattern without lossing Your datas You can still read it here.  Once again welcome to the others section where You can completely remove Your passcode/pattern from Your Andriod Phone or Tablet.  Here You will learn the other two sections :-

Removing  Pattern/passcode Using Your PC [CMD]

Removing Passcode/pattern Using the [POWER ON AND VOLUME DOWN]

Without waisting much time lets quickly dive to the article. Firstly we will learn the SECTION 2.

Removing  Pattern/passcode Using Your PC [CMD]

Guilds To Recove Forgotten Pattern Lock on  Android Phones or Tablets. How to Remove Pattern/passcode Using Your PC [CMD]]

FIRST GUILD :-  First of all connect your device to the PC and make sure USB debugging is enabled.  Now on your Windows PC, Go to START-
>RUN–>Type CMD. Or You can just hit the START key and type [CMD]

SECOND GUILD :-  Now, type  the following commands
in the command window, hey! You must with one by one type the command for You not have errors along the way!
“Adb shell
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where
update system set value=0 where
name=’lockscreen.lockedout permanently’;

THIRD GUILD :- After applying the above written  commands, now  reboot your device now. After normal reboot, you again will notice Lock pattern screen, but this can be unlock using any choice  pattern/passcode which is, You new pattern/passcode is now set with the pattern/passcode You apply on the first attempt.  What if this does not work for? Don't worry there is still another way which is the last section. This will help in a way You need it but, all Your datas will be lost.

Here is the last section to remove Your forgotten passcode/pattern permantely.

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Removing Passcode/psttern Using the [POWER ON AND VOLUME DOWN]

How to permantly  Remove Forgotten Passcode/Patterns Lock on Android or Tablet.

This method, is probably the easiest to get access to your locker Android Phone, but with one limitation, and that is, it will wipe all data from  Your device, which includes, your contacts, apps and so on, using this method, You will factory reset your Android device and it is the last option left to access your device if other methods have not worked for You,  and this one will probably will  work. In this section which is also call the FACTORY SET METHOD TO GET ACCESS TO YOUR LOCKED ANDRIOD PHONE OR TABLET.

FIRST GUILD :- Switch-Off your device. Now at the same time, Hold the Volume Up/Down + Power Button, to Turn-On your device, keep holding unless you see the Android System Recovery Menu. (Note that, depending on your device, you may different key combination to enter the Android system recovery mode)
How to: Wipe data/Factory reset Android Phone.

SECOND GUILD:- Now use your Volume Up/Down keys to navigate through options and power button, to select options. Now as we want to wipe data/factory reset, so choose it and confirm yes to factory reset your android phone.

THIRD GUILD :- Once you factory reset, from the menu, select Reboot system now option to reboot your device. Hopefully all three methods have
helped You, to remove forgotten Passcode/Patterns on your Android Phone or Tablet.  If it was useful for you, share it with Your friends and leave a comments


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