Trick To Download Paid Apps From Play - Store For Free


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So,  today lets see what We've gotten for You guys.   Do,   You know or are You aware You can download those paid apps from GOOGLE PLAY STORE free of charge? ,*smile*
So,   this post is for You!   All You need to do is to just follow the guilds.   Hey! before You make any wrong mistake ensure You follow the guilds as given and if lost,   You know what to do in the comments section.

Before You ride on, You must have the following apps on Your Andriod Phone, which are :-

Play store

Google keep

APK Downloader - Online Free Download Google Play Store APK

FIRST GUILD :-  Download the App here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.keep&hl=en or HERE.  The app is called Google keep.   Lets see what it can contribute to this.

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SECOND GUILD :-  Open Your PLAY STORE and locate the APP that You want to download that is of paid service.    After that,   just scroll down to share ICON button and hit on it !   Like example shown bellow.


THIRD GUILD :-  Find and locate " KEEP". Then,  You hit on it.


FORTH GUILD :-   After executing the third guild there,  You will view an image like the screenshot bellow ;


FIFTH GUILD :-   A link will there appear like the screenshot given above,   click and Copy the com.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx which is the application package name or ID.    But, You might,   some may start with another domain name like app.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SIXTH GUILD :-   Download "APK Downloader - Online Free Downloader from Google Play Store"   to complete the steps.  You can download it here  https://www.freeapkdownloader.com/
Open the  "APK Downloader - Online Free Downloader"  You will see an image like the bellow screeenshot ;


In the screenshot bellow,  trying to download a paid app "OfficeSuite Pro + PDF"


After,   pasting the link,   click on the green icon  "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD"  to download your paid app for free..
Please,   if this trick works out for You,   please show love by sharing Your review.   And don't forget to share this! THANK YOU!
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