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Welcome back guys,We have another intresting topic here today on those on YOUTUBE platform.YouTube officially rolled out its new face to the public few days ago. This was done after months of being in the better comfirming and  testing.

If You uses YOUTUBE regularly, You would have noticed that the new interface is now set as the default UI[USER INTERFACE] for everyone. Though there have been bad reviews regarding the new interface.
If I should add to this, I don't just like the current [USUER INTERFACE] UI of YouTube PC view. The interface is just too dull with small or no design. It's just unpleasing to the eyes and very confusing. If You would agreee with me,it's true saying.

The current design I mean the current Youtube interface [UI] has no option to look at views stats (i.e: how many viewing the video has got over time) in the video description and more other missing features.  This make things unpleasing to the eyes and very confussing.

Descriptions :- The dislikes/likes bar area looks like the ratio of dislikes is so super high. And found it Difficult to playlist video from a specific video. Video manager is located at a hard-to-find place.

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We have a good news for You guys,What ever your reasons are, the good news is that, You can always go back to the old Youtube layout, and the bad news is, we don’t know how long this option will be available before they make the new [USERS INTERFACE] UI permanently default.

In this article, We will lead You through quickly on how You can  Restore the Old YouTube layout.  Ensure  You go with the guilds and direction below:

                       Go back /  Restore back Your old Youtube Layout

*Open Your web browser and Login to your Youtube account.

* Click on Your user gear icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

* Click on “Restore Old YouTube”.

* Provide a reason why you’re going back.

* Finally Click “Submit”.

That's all to restore Your Youtube old layout look. So do well to share this!
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