Invite All Your Friends To Like Your Fan-Page With Just A Click

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Hey dear,today we will be sharing You guys cool tricks to invite all Your facebook contant friends to like Your facebook fan page. We all know how struggly You guys have be, looking for a way to invite all Your friends to like Your facebook fan page,isn't? Now,the unreveal secrete will be shared with You guys today. The ability to run various JavaScripts against Facebook’s interface has really helped in making tasks simple as well as has given rise to Facebook Spam. Comment below if You need this "How to add all Friends in Facebook Group automatically with a JavaScript"  Although this scripts are not new and were discovered long back, we did missed to post about it due Privacy concerns.

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So here we are posting all kinds of Facebook Scripts and for today we posting updated and optimized JavaScript to send automatic Facebook Fan-page invites to all your friends. You will agree with me the biggest difficulties as a page owner is to actually acquire Fans (Likes) that have interest in your brand or build your Brand interest among people. While to build Your  audience, Facebook provides advertising schemes, these schemes might cost You alot of cash. The simple way to get fans that all the Admins or Social media service providers follow is to just Invite your own friends to like Your facebook-page. Yes, you can do this with just a click to invite all Your facebook Friends with a click all Your friends will be invited to like Your page.

Send invitation to Your Friends To like Your Facebook-fan page:
NOTE: You must be an admin of the Fan-page You wanna work on.

Copy the below javascript code below:
var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm'); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

Open the account[Facebook account] locate the Fan-page You wish to invite Your friends. Move to invite Friends like the screenshot describe below;

NOTE: To ensure all Your friends are been invite,make sure You scrow down else,not all Your friends will be noticed[invited]. You must scrow down to the last of Your friend in that section.
And again,I encourage You to use Chrome browser.

Now Press F12 Button on your Keyboard to open up developer options.
In the developer options click Console Tab and paste (ctrl+v) the JavaScript code that you copied in the 1st step. Hit Enter key. Like the screenshot below;

Copy the code dropped above and past it in the console section,after You click the console section the below screenshot should appeared.
Sit back and watch the magic how the script will automatically invite all Your Friends to like Your Fan-page.
The above screenshot showned as a proof on my article tutorial. Please,if You found trapped while performing this trick,please make use of the comment box and if found useful to You also share the testimonies for more believe[Clear dobt].........
Remember don't forget to share with friends.

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