How To Make Self Recording Using VLC Media Player On Your Computer


Welcome back Guys, We have another great tutorial for V.blogers. Oops! I mean VIDEOS BLOGGERS [YOTUBERS] How do You go about recording Your tutorial videos?  We believe that there are some APPS on Android while software on computers, right?  Come to think of it, do You know that You can use the  software called VLC [media player that supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats,  including  DVD-Video,  video CD  and  streaming protocols.]  Do You know You can use this to make Your video recording coverage?  Yea! We know many have know this  but,  for the sake of those that are yet to known We decided to give out this tutorial.

Let Us drawn to Your notice that, VLC is not met for media player only.  Its has many features like this We have for You now.  You can record and make a clean clear video through this software, *smile!* how to do this?  Just keep reading focused.   It's very simple to do this if  You read every single sentence in this tutorial article I can ensure You,  You will do this in just a minutes!

But,  before setting up this, You must as well have the followed upgrade on Your computer:

* Computer should be ruining in window 7 and above for better achievement.  If  You have in mind in ruining along with this tutorial please,  upgrade to window 7,8 and above..

* Your computer should be at least,  its RAM should be ruining on 1.5G and above. Why?  We're not familiar of what RAM does right? so,  to avoid being hang while performing this or recording Your video..

* Your internal or external hard-disk should have enough space for proper and smooth process. why this?  If You're running on a low internal or external hand-disk its might cause Your work terminated. So,  to avoid all these trash make sure You do the above process.

Now,  lets quickly dive in to the main point [tutorial],  having the above guilds ready,  then You're good to go. Please,  in case You encountered any errors while performing this please,  notice Us through the comments section We  will reply You quickly.

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How To Make Self Recording Using VLC Video Software On Your Computer


Search and download VLC media player on google directory. NOTE: On Your search landing page,  You will see package installer like the bellow screen shot.  Download the marked one. After downloading it,  install it on Your computer. NOTE that,  this is for those that have not gotten it in their Computer. But,  if You've already, ignore this and move to the second guild.



Open the VLC, drive Your mouse, click on the menu and click on the CONVERT / SAVE. 



After clicking the CONVERT / SAVE, there will be a image like this :


Move to the capture device area [icon] and click. On the next stage a page like this will appear [bellow screen shot] will appeared


Follow the above screen shot and set it accordingly. Then You click on CONVERT AND SAVE.  Hey! that's not all, okay!  like the bellow screen shot will appear on the computer screen.


 Follow the above screen shot and hit the SETTINGS ICON button. That's not all. Like the bellow image will appear on Your computer screen.
Finally,  the bellow image will be the next to appear on Your computer screen.


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Set exactly how the above screen shot does. Click the save button. It will automatically redirect You where to save the recording video, while recording, here You're expected to choose the save location.


That's all You need to do in other to set self recording using VLC media player on Your computer.  Please, while trying this and encountered errors,  You should please use the comment box.  You can share this! THANK YOU!
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