Easy Steps To Convert Web Page To PDF File


Converting a whole webpage into a PDF file is a good ideal because, A PDF file is easy to use and read, hence, converting a webpage into PDF will help You to access the home page easily this will save data and time as well.  You can read Your articles that You have converted offline.

 With the few guilds and direction You will be able to convert a whole full web page into a PDF format for offline purpose.

   Easy Steps To Convert Web Page To PDF File

FIRST GUILD :- Open any browser [Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox] on your Mac or PC.

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SECOND GUILD :- Open the webpage or website You wish to convert to PDF file.

THIRD GUILD :- Now press the keystroke  "Ctrl+P" on Windows PC or "Command + P" if you are on a Mac to Open the the Print dialog on Chrome Browser [or go to Settings and click on Print]. Now, while the saving page pops-up select the destination to “SAVE AS PDF” and hit the save button.

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FORTH GUILD :- The current web page will instantly be downloaded as a PDF document.

That's all drop Your difficulties or testimonies and If You follow the given steps correctly in the above section, then You can also convert those webpages into PDF format within minutes.


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