Three Ways To Secure Your Facebook Account

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Facebook accounts now growns to becomes one of the best business advertisers,over 97% uses facebooks to advertise their products in difference forms of which they can gain more regular customers,yea! Thats the bitter truth,to those that realy know what this post is written of. Its a vital duty for You to updates or keeps Your privacy very tight,loosing You Facebook account is one of the most difficult thing thats You in imaginery to happen to You,not in real look,lol.... Sorry to use that word..
Yea,its the truth,the truth to those thats value and known what is been meet for,either. Because,most of the facebook users will be like,"Its nothing to me,after all,I get new account",lol. If You have know the value of it,You would've not been saying such!

Of a recent,while going through my facebook account privacy as usual,I noticed many changes in keeping Your privacy tight to You,only. I realy recommend the effort of the FACEBOOK C.E.O and His Company. Them,themselves know that,Facebook now turns out to be amoung the best business advertisers on this note,they are making it sure to everyone in Facebook spheres to be a better and a saver place. #advice: As a Facebook users You should try at least be checking Your privacy once in a week, if there is any new implement to keep Your account save and tight. I beleive by so doing You will never be lost of Your account,You can easily found a way out of the mess!

Now after hearing little words,lets see what this post have for Us,"WAYS TO KEEP YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT SAFE"
I beleive there are many ways that You can implement and keep Your account save,but my question is that,how do You uses the idea?,You can throw in Your own way in the comment box for others to learn too. Lets look below,whats we have here.


#Geting alert from unrecognised login.

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Let me quickly bring to Your notice that,all Your logins,facebook will be notifing You each time You login or another user login into Your account,is this help?,below You will see a screenshot on how to go on with the settings.Setting up this privacy will also helps out to secure Your facebook account.

How to set it up?
After clicking the the place the arrows directs  below;
There in a place where You will be asked to sets up the settings,I beleive You can handle it from there,lets move to the next way.

#Third-party Authenticator.

Some how confused? Don't be,below will explain how and what it mean."You can set up a third party app to generate Facebook login codes. These codes can be used for two-factor authentication or to reset your password".There in You can be able to sets up Your code,as the below screenshot gives.

#Choose A Friends To Contact If You Get Locked Out.

Yea,You can choose five(5) trusted contacts friends in Your friends list.
"Your trusted contacts, are friends you chose who can securely help if you ever have trouble accessing your account."

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NOTE: You can also check Your recent loged devices under Your settings. As shown below. And incase You found a new devices thats is not used by You in login Your account You can easily logout Your account from that device or better still You change Your password. I thinks the above will helps and also,if You observe very well there are still some settings in there excluded here of which You can use in getting You account back and save.
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