How To Hack With Wire-Shark


You can use Wire-shark to hack any of these handler like;
Facebook account
Twitter account
Gmail account
Skype account and many more.
Using this method you can hack Any Account stated above and many more depends how You play Your intellegencies roll. I must say it,this is my favorite method.

This little article is for education purpose,don't use this article in any form of misused act.
This only works only At LAN(local Area Network).Its best place to hack a place like, university, cafe , public place where computer are on one LAN simple Example:-WI-Fi.

What is Cookies And how the use of stealing
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Cookies are refers to as  files that are stored on Any computer By any website   you visits. The
cookie used by the web server to check the
authenticate the Real user. Its like an example of, you Enter your Logins in Facebook then a unique string’s Generated and the one copy saved in the web server and
other is saved on your Browser as a Cookie file.

That's all You need to know about "Cookies" now,that You have known what are cookies,lets quickly learn what this can do.
You need a software called "Wire-Shark"

Search,download the Wire Shark and install it in Your computer.

Move to where You download the Wire-shark,open the wire-shark and then click on the interface.

Next, select or choose a interface which is "received and
sending packet" and hit the start icon.

Continue the sniffing for around like 10 minutes.After a maximum 10 minute stop the sniffing by
going to a capture bar or menue.

In this steps You have to pay full attention for it's the most important steps,now filter to "http".cookie contains “datr”. Then
filter the all search for "http cookies" with a name of "datr"  and there is Facebook authentication’s

Now hit on it and goto copy > Bytes
>Printable Text only.

Now for next step you must have 3 thing,
1.) Mozilla Firefox {browser}
2.) Cookies injector{code}
3.) Grease Monkey{add-on}

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now goto www.facebook.com
NOTE:make sure you are not login in Your account.
Press the following keystroke in You computer Alt+C its will helps to  bring up a cookie injector and then Simply paste in a cookie value into it.
Now refresh your page so then finally you Enter
the Victim Account,thats all.
Any difficulties while performing this?,please use the comment box.
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