Speed Up Your Andriod Phone By Increasing The Ram(Guilds)


Welcome back Guys,today,You going to be learning How to increase Your Andriod Phone RAM. Wow!,I know its got You mad when Your Andriod phone starts to move slowly,of which all the cause is from the internal memory card RAM. Vividely,meaning and explaination of RAM. RAM (Random-access memory) Its the invisible Memory or the internal memory card thats its fuctionality is to make Your phone move faster nor slowly,its expected to make your phone move slowly when its been compressed with much over opened apps without clearly. Its the RAM  (Random-access memory) that is responsible for the speedness nor slowness of a Phone.

Today,You will learn how to make Your RAM big so as to make Your Andriod Phone move faster that You can imagine.Its sound cute,right? When You are the types that Your Andriod Phone always move slowly,then this pieces of article is for You. Ensure,You read and captured the main content so as to put it in practise to solve Your Andriod problem(Problem of slow motion)

Follow_These_steps to increase you RAM

You have to root Your Android phone. Rooting You Andriod Phone,as it very important role its plays in Your Andriod Phone. if you don't know what is root,Then see our previous posts. HERE

A Good class 10 Memory card(class 10 recommended) with at least 8-16 GB space.

What You must understand in this step is this;Then After having memory card once you start the process you cannot_remove memory card for as long as you need Ram.so buy a high capacity card.(if you remove memory card then you have to start the whole process back again)

Open Your playstore,search and Download app named ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER, You can search it in google as we don't know version of your phone.

For its to fuction normal at the first place,You need internet connection,ON Your WIFI or mobile Data for it to connect.

Then select partion from three dotted menu,select SD card.

Click on min value button and then click on start. Before saving You must bee connected to internet connection(Need internet connection)

That is all,Sit back and relax to complete ,you see an icon in notification of your increased RAM.

Your phone will be more faster than ever than,You can imagine.  Trying this and encountered errors? Please do well to notify Us using the comments box.
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