How To Unlock an Android Pattern With No Cost

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This mostly happened to those that use Andriod Mobile phone. Pattern is a way provided to be used in privacy keeping states,its helps Us to protect our privacy and datas. We all have the act of protecting our datas from an unknow usuers. But,in this case,when we found out that acidentally We forget the pattern used in locking Our mobile Andriod Phone,what do we do in this state? This is when this blog post come in,here You will sharply learn fews trick on how You will break into"Unlock" Your Andriod phone without loosing any of Your datas.

To unlock Your Andriod mobile phone with pattern the below guilds are for You.
1. Phone want you to enter the user email id You used in the phone as Your datas storage.
Here the phone will be requesting You to contant the main email ID used for the phone. But,in a situation where by You forget the email ID ,what will do? doubefounded? Here will go with the fews guilds to Unlock the pattern freely.

1.) Switch off the Andriod mobile phone and then wait for some seconds to switched off properly.

2.) Here in this stage,press the  Up Volume-Key and hold it still,then click on home button and hold it still, then press the power button and after is started just release it once and then you can see you enter in the secret android menu you never see before.

3.) Click on home button for up and down in the menu still,then go to third option named as "DELETE ALL USER DATA" then it takes dome time.

4.) The phone will be started and the unlock patter problem is fixed.
 Get Your problem solved as simple with loosing any datas.


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