How To Purchase Stuff Online Using Virtual Credit Cards(VCC)

Hey guys,today's blog post we are going to be looking at how will can use VCC to purchase our products online if in case paypal or Our credit card fails Us,because,we mostly encounter this error espencially those that wants to run Facebook Ads,strickly believe tht,few of them are sucessors in this. Thats the reason why We are here to put an end of this trash,You will be able to run a sucessful Facebook Ads without no restriction. VCC is a Virtual Credit Card.

VCC card can be used to pay for stuffs online anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted, depending on the one you ordered;
*You can be able to run a sucessful Facebook Ads.
*You can use this VCC to verify Your paypa account.
*You can use it to purchase stuff online.
*and many more online purchasing stuff.

Creating Your account gives You a privilege to have as many card depends on Your likeness. You can fund it through Your Bank account then,its now available for usage.
>> You can top up the card at a maximum of $2,500 per card

>> One time set up fee of N2,500 (empty balance) or N4,000 with $2 balance and N4,500 with $3 balance

>> 2 times daily Maximum top up times

>> Free to pay using this card

>> Custom names and billing address specified by you during set up

>> 3% when you pay on non USD transactions
With VCC 24/7 WhatsApp support, you have nothing to worry about.

Question: Can I use it to make PayPal payments?
Answer: Yes, the card can be used to verify PayPal and make payment. You can also withdraw our PayPal funds on the card.

Question: Can the CARD be used for paying merchants?
Answer: Of course it can.

Question: Can I use the CARD to open a UK PayPal account?
Answer: Yes you can use it to open UK Paypal.

Question: Is it forex rate or cbn rate that is charge during transaction?
Answer: It is forex rate but the card can be loaded at bitcoin rate, and it gets converted to forex after load.

                                                   How register and get started?

Click the Register botton  a web page like the below screenshot will display,in this case,You are asked to fill You correct details.
The link to register? Openvcc.com 
First step to open Your VCC account

After executing the first steps,below screenshot webpage will appear. That note that,You account is now ready,Login to Your new account and follow the guilds on how to create an order.

Congratulation message

                                                   How To Create Your Order?

Login to Your account.


Step 2: Select or search for the items you want.
 1.Add the desired items to the shopping cart by clicking “Add to Cart” button.


2.After you clicked “Add to Cart” button, there You will see a tip (shown as the following picture). If You want
to navigate to your shopping cart, please  move your mouse or You click on the “cart ” icon  on the top right,
or click “Checkout”  to place the order immediately.


Step 3: Check out & Place an order

                                                             HOW TO PAY FOR YOUR ORDER

You can buy VBA/VCC , using Bitcoin, OKpay, Perfect Money, Webmoney.

After payment you will be taken to a page confirming your order.
On this page, click on "Order History" and then get to the VBA/VCC on order details, where you can get details a paid product.
Move to order page
sucess page

Click on view Order

Goto view details;
view details

3. GET VBA/VCC information :
Get vba/vcc information

That's all. Hope You Guys enjoy and grabed every guilds here?  Encounter any errors while trying to perform this,please do well to use the comment box. Thanks

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  1. Would it be safe to use these people as well: www.auctionessistance.com/shop?

  2. Would also be safe to use these people as well: www.auctionessistance.com/shop



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