How To Download All Your Facebook Datas To Your Computer

Hey Guys,I believe this is a new thing to many Facebook Users. Have we heard about downloading our datas from facebook?, I guess few are just aware of this particular news. We all know as the world is moving on so also,many changes is moving with it. Maybe,only few we noticed this. Facebook now allown Her usuers to be able to download all Your datas from them,You know which of the datas saying here? Did You know as long as You keep on posting,commenting on people's post,uploading pictures,uploading video and many more,they are been stored in their datas base(Facebook)

The good news is that,all Your datas starting from the day You starts using Facebook,You can now push the downloading button. Mewhile,You can now gets all Your datas such as,Pictures,videos,post and many more to Your Phone or Pc in just a pushed button. Suprised? Thats why We should  notice You Guys. To get this done,they are fews steps that will guild You to executes this(How to download Your Datas from Facebook) and also screenshot will be made available in this tutorial,below;

Open Your browser,I recomend You to use a heavy browser like;
Dolphine browser.
Login with Your details You wish to get all Your datas from.(Facebook)

Opened and Nevigates to the drop down area ICON,click on the setting button as the screenshot directs below;


After executes the step.2, You drop down where You will find,like the DOWNLOAD ACTION like the screenshot states;


This is the final step You will take, for You to gets all Your Facebook datas to You Computer(s).
After performing the step.3 just like the screenshot below click on the DOWNLOAD ACTION BUTTON and ensure You read the CAUTION ;


Thats all You need to do to gets all Your Facebook datas to Your computer starting from the very day You open a Facebook account.
Performing this and You encountered errors?
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