How To Create Undeletable And Unrenamable Folders In Your Computer


Make Undeletable, Unrenamable Folders,We gonna be learning this today "How To Make Undeletable Or Unrenamable Folder" on Your computer. I know You might be a little bit confuse about this,but its what You should understand that its work perfectly with this trick. I advice  You,You do subcription for more of Our Tech update. You can make a folder in Your computer undeletable or can not be rename.

To perform this,follow the below guilds,after followed the guilds below,You still found it difficult to do this hit the comment  box for assistance. "How To Make Undeletable Or Unrenamable Folder".

On Your home page computer,click on "START" After You click on the "START" ICON, move to "RUN" in the command prompt window that open Type in "cmd" without quotes.In the Command Prompt Window that opens, type in  the name of the drive you wish to create the  folder"UNDELERABLE FOLDER" in the format <drive-name>: and press Enter. Example; If you wish to create the "UNDELETABLE FOLDER" in the drive, type in "D:" without the quotes.
The folder cannot be created in the root of C: drive (if C: is your system drive).

Type this command without quotes "md con\" or "md lpt1\" and press the Enter key. You can choose any of the keywords given above as your folder to be.
Finally the window will create an unrenamable,undeletable folder in the drive you entered in the first guild above. In one way You can rename the folder to another keyword using Windows Explorer.

How to delete the folder?
NOTE: manually,You can not delete the folder,except by runing a command prompt by typing "rd con\" or "rd lpt1\" in how you perform in second guild "md con\" or "md lpt1\".
Only listed below windows are compatible to run this.
Windows XP,
Windows Vista,
Windows 7, Windows 8 and
Windows 8.1.
Try it out and see the magic!!!
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