Best Two Tricks To Transfer All Your WhatsApp Datas From Andriod To iPhone

Method 1. Using Email Chat 
Hey Guys,welcomed to another toturial blog post,we gonna be sharing you guys trick on how to  Transfer  All Your WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone.  There are many steps but,for the sake of knowing and understanding it best,we will be using two different  method trick will be okay.

   FIRST METHOD: Using Email Chat 
You have to pay full attention on this method of tranfering all You chat from An Andriod to iPhone.

STEP:1>> Open your whatsapp in your android set, find the putting tab and click it to pick out “chat settings” option, then tap on “e-mail chat” from the chat history listing.

STEP:2>> Pick out one or extra whatsapp messages from the display list and a pop-up box will appear informing you that “attaching media will generate a larger e mail message”. You can select “without media” or “attach media” based for your personal want.

STEP:3>> Now you may enter an email account and click send choice.

STEP:4>> Log in the email account on iphone to view messages which have been transferred from android whatsapp account.

STEP:1>> Go to “putting > chats > chat backup” to backup whatsapp messages on android cellphone.

STEP:2>> Uninstall whatsapp on your android telephone and install this app on iphone.

STEP:3>> The usage of the equal phone variety to sign up for a whatsapp account on iphone. After registration, you'll be promoted that “message backup found”, click “restore” to switch the whatsapp records.

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