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How to Create MaxBounty Account and Get Approved Easily

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Okay guys, recently I made a post on CLICKBANK AFFILIATE "How to create one for Yourself on Unsupported Countries" I am very much excited to tell you this after doing research here we are! Today, I will disclose to you a simple way that will help you to quickly approved MAXBOUNTY. You really excited to get passed on maxbounty? Yeah, its so much excited to get accepted on MAXBOUNTY, mostly when you had a successful and great interview through the phone call. Pretty damn cool right? But, before then, We are going to learn little about MAXBOUNTY. Before you set your mind up to work with them.

MAXBOUNTY happens to be one of the most recommend CPA network that converts very well. But, the issue here is that they're so desperate to get approved by them as a beginner. Which means you should have CPA experience before intend to apply in this network but, that is why I made this post to quickly get approved by them. So, you have been into this network for so long? (CPA marketing) And I believe you might know much what CPA marketing is? I strongly recommend you to go deeply into this article to know more cleared IDEA about CPA MARKETING.

Follow this blog post step by steps, and I can assure you 98% for finding it so much easy to get approved within an hour. So it's not gonna be so tough using this same method. Just follow my steps and get passed on maxbounty easily, in a short time.

Key to Quick Approved on "MAXBOUNTY"  easily. 

Thus in this post, I will break every single stage into reasonable steps for easy followed! Goto to make an account. After click on the provided link, you will be redirected to this page. Click on "JOIN MAXBOUNTY NOW"

filling info


I strongly advise you to take this place severe follow every single step here.

Your Name: ( Fill with your name, Must match with your payment name )

Your Company Name: ( Leave it blank or use your own name )

Password: ( Set your password, its have to be a secure password with different characters )

Confirm Password: ( Fill with the matched character you choose in the first place )

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.


filling info

Email: ( Use your valid email )

Retype Email: ( fill the email you provided )

Phone: ( Your phone number, they call you for a quick interview, here you should include your country Code-like, "+44" for the UK)

Mobile Phone: ( Black or you can include your another phone number that you own )

Your Timezone: ( Select your time zone for your appropriate Country )

When can you be reached: ( Select Evening my recommendation is Evening )

Which instant messenger do you use: ( SKYPE, AOL, MSN, YAHOO ID )

What is your IM handle: ( Your IM ID )

How did you hear about MAXBOUNTY: ( Offervault, Forum )

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.

filling info

Address Details:

Street Address: ( Fill with your address, must match with the Payment method you want to use )

City: ( Select your CITY you live in )

North American State/Province: ( If you’re from North America then select your state )

Non-North American State/Province: ( Fill with your current city name)

Country: ( Select your country from the drop-down menu option )

Zip/Postal Code: ( Your POSTAL CODE )

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.

filling info

How you're Experienced ( please handle with carefully filling )

What is your experience: ( I am extremely experienced and have received many payments from networks )

Describe your Past Experience in Affiliate Marketing: Write in the followed sentences, "I have started my affiliate journey  3years back, I started with JVZOO and CLICKBANK. I am still working there. And I am also working with Neverblue, Admin and Clickdealer as an Affiliate Marketer. I have received many payments from this network. But I am really looking for some good CPA offers that really convert well" ( Make changes to the above write up to avoid being blocked! don't copy and paste this. )

How do you currently promote offers: Use this, "I am a PPC marketer. I use BING, Google, and Facebook to run my ads. But I am good at Facebook marketing, I collect impression/Pixel based on my niche, and then I run my campaigns. I am also doing Email Marketing, and I have over 50k Email based on Weight loss niche. I collect those Emails using my landing page. I also run ads on PPV network which is 50onRed ( Please, don't copy and paste this to avoid a block from them "MAXBOUNTY" )

What offer(s) are you looking for: ( GAMING, HEALTH, WEIGHT LOSS, EMAIL SUBMIT.

Your website URL:  ( If you have the website or any landing page then provide it, If you don’t just indicate “I DON’T HAVE” )

Is this account for incentive Traffic: ( NO If yes, describe the incentive: Leave it blank )

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.

filling info

Earning Details:

Minimum payment amount: ( Select $100 )

Make checks payable to Your Payee Name ( Must match with your name which name you use to apply on maxbounty.) Apply here to Create a Verify Paypal Account For Unsupported

Click on the "NEXT" Botton.


Terms Details:

Mark all box and click on "FINISH."
filling info

filling info

Now, open the new tab and log in the mail ID you provided while creating MAXBOUNTY ACCOUNT. Here you will receive an email that contains a link. Just click on the link to "VERIFY" You have two processes to perform here, after confirming your email, MAXBOUNTY will send you one another mail like this, "Now, You’re very close to getting approved on it."

Here you can see the phone number +16138343955 x244. The provided Mobile Number, you need to call the number by using your phone you offered, So first call on  "+16138343955" this number after Robot receive the call just type your extension number ( +244 ) It’s my manager Extension number. You will find your manager Extension on +16138343955 x( Here ).

Now, After your manager receive your call just tell Him/Her,

Hi, My name is "YOUR NAME," And my affiliate id is ( xxxxxx ) I applied on maxbounty just a few minutes ago. Please check my application.
Then, they will further ask you some question like this, Please, read this very carefully.

 1. How long have you been working as the affiliate?

Ans: I am working with affiliate marketing since 2015.

 2. Which network do you work With?

Ans: I am working with JVZOO and CLICKBANK. Also, I am also working with Neverblue,   Adsmain, Clickdealer.

 3. What is your AM name on  Adsmain?

Ans: Ok, sometimes they will ask you like such a question. To know if you're telling the truth. You can there write down all "AM’S" name on a paper before calling them.

 4. How do you promote offers?

Ans: I am a PPC marketer. I usually use BING ADS, Google Adwords and Facebook to run my ads. But I am right in Facebook marketing, I collect Interest/Pixel based on my offers, and then I run my campaigns. I am also involving in doing Email Marketing, and I have over 60K Email based on Weight loss niche. I collected those Email by using my landing pages. I also do run ads on PPV network which is 50 on Red.

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 5. Why you choose Maxbounty?

Ans: I discover Maxbounty is the number one CPA marketplace and they have tons of amazing offers that I am looking for.

 6. Which offers are you looking for?

Ans: I am looking for some WEIGHT LOSS and HEALTH, EMAIL SUMMIT, GAMING offers. ( Go to maxbounty marketplace and take a look at their offers available and just tell them any offers name. Or if you like any provide from maxbounty just tell them. )

SPECIAL ADVICE: Make sure you speak English very well fluently in expressing. Talk slowly and before calling them memories this, LOL! After concluding all these steps, correctly they will approve your application. That's it! Isn't so simple? Have any question in regards to this articles? Please use the comments box.

How to Create a Verify Paypal Account For Unsupported Country

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You wish to create a Paypal account that can receive and send cash for unsupported Country? Then this premium blog post is for you. Today, I will guild you step by steps to successfully create Paypal account and verify it to send and receive money. I will encourage you to follow my guild from the starting to the end point. You may ask yourself why PayPal so wicked to these Countries that are restricted to create a verify Paypal account? Like some of these Countries; Nigeria, Pakistan, ETC are been restricted to create a verified Paypal account. And the real fact is that you need Paypal account to receive your payment or offer from the foreign company right? Then, I will guild you step by steps on how to finish work to create a verified PayPal account.

In this blog post, I will show you the very sure way to create a verified Paypal account in a short time. So, let's begin. But first will need to choose any of these Country that are acceptable like, USA, UK, ETC. A very good example is USA Country. In this blog post, we are going to use the USA to know how to create one. Is very simple, all I need you to do is to follow the guild accordingly if at the end you are unable to create one for yourself you can drop a comment or you hire the US for work.

How to Create Verify Paypal Account For Unsupported Country

       1. Goto without using any VPN browser or software. I recommend you to use PC/DESKTOP for neat work. Now, try to create one using USA address. Don't worry I will show you how to do that. To do that, follow these steps:

   a. GOTO

    b. Generate U.S.A address, NOTE: You're using the address you have gotten from to sign up.

   c. Use all the address you have gotten from fakenamegenerator to sign up but, you can use your desired name. But, I advance you to choose a reason and familiar name for long-term work.

   2. Now, open new tap. You have to verify your phone number you have provided. But, don't worry I have a bright way to do that. go to and create a simple account without stress. You can use your Google+ or Facebook account to for auto creation. Now, in the left-hand corner, you will found a number use the phone number to verify your account. You're done. Don the necessaries stuff required from you. Verify your email and your phone number.

  3. Welcome here, this is where the issue lies. I strongly encourage you to pay full and close attention on how to do this. After completing the above steps you need to verify your Paypal account obviously you can't make use of your bank account (countries that are restricted). I am going to explain how you can verify your Paypal account in any restricted Countries.

INTRODUCING: You will also get a USA Virtual Bank Account and a Debit Master Card for free. You will be able to use the debit card to cash out your funds through Paypal from any ATM Machine available in your Country. How? Go to make an account for free with my referrer link and get $25 for free. Now, fill in your currents details it's free and easy with a free Debit Master Card. Provide your Address, Name, CNIC Details 100% Correct, there is no risk.! Also, you need to scan and upload any of your identity card such as your National ID, Passport, Driver's license, Voter's Card, ETC. Immediately you have successfully completed the signing up and got approved account, Your Debit MasterCard will be shipped to you. Directly to your provided postal address. I advise you to use a very active post office to do this. After you have received the Debit Master Card, activate it, that's all!
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4. After you make an account with them, you have to use their details to verify the account. How? I will shortly explain that! Once USA Payment Service activated on your account, Goto "Receive Money", click on "US Payment Service". There you will find your Bank Routing Number and Account Number of your USA Virtual Bank Account. Like the below screenshot.
Routing setting up

5. Now login to your Paypal account, and add the Payoneer given Bank Account to verify PayPal. After adding Bank account details to your Paypal account, Paypal will there send small deposits to your virtual bank account(Payoneer Account). Those two deposits will show in your

The Payoneer account in 2-4 business days. When you get deposits in your Payoneer account. Now, Login to your Paypal and put the exact amount to verify your Paypal. Cheer! your Paypal is now verified, you can Withdraw your Paypal funds to the Virtual bank account and then you can cash them out from any ATM Machine available in your Country.

On a special Note: You shouldn't attach your Payoneer Master Debit card in your Paypal account because the original billing address of your Payoneer card is of a restricted Countries, to prevent future security. Because, when Paypal detect that, it can lead to the blocking of your Paypal account. However, you can withdraw your Paypal funds to your Master Debit Card, by using the withdraw to bank account option provided by Paypal, and the money will be sent to your virtual bank account (Payoneer Account).

That's all you need to do. Please if you have any question or any suggestion to implement, you can use the comments box. Don't spam!

How to Control Clients's PC's Screen And Get Problems Solved - Teamviewer Tutorial

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Looking for an alternative way to control handle your Clients PC's Screen? then this post is for you. Note this is not hacking or a trick. I am just telling you as information that you need to know that will be of help as an Online solution solver. Yea, you can control or handle one PC's screen to put an end to that problem.

 1. Clients can't finish your undone work?

 2. Want to describe or tutor a clients how to a particular stuff?

Then, if the above states describe your problems then, I recommend this to be the best alternates to make use of. Now, in this blog post, I will explain to you what you need to know and what to use to complete your undone job and get rid of that bugs.


What is Team-viewer?

How does it work?

  * TEAM-VIEWER: - According to Wikipedia, TeamViewer is a proprietary computer software child for remote control, desktop sharing, online gaming, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

 *  TeamViewer runs on the broadest spectrum of devices and operating systems ranging from state-of-the-art systems with the latest OS to older devices and legacy operating systems.

Should this need configuration to work?

Start and use TeamViewer instantly. TeamViewer even works behind firewalls and automatically detects any proxy configuration. Easy to understand. You can read more here: Now, what to d and what to use, lets quickly dive into the how and how to operates it.

  Setting Up Team-viewer

  1.) Download Team-viewer and install it on your computer or your desktop. Allow the process of installation to completes the installation, open and run it.

  2.) Tell your client to also do exactly the process you had done.  It's come with free trial and purchase method. You can go with the free trial since is not for long-term work just to complete you undone task.

  3.) Tell your client to run it on his/her PC. While it's running, it will be displayed digits comprise of ID and PASSWORD. Ask for the ID and the PASSWORD for work.

  4.) To control your client PC's screen you need the boat ID and the PASSWORD he/she shared with you. Now, navigate to the cursor to the "connect" section as the screenshot gives bellow paste the ID and hit the connect button. Waite for a while to fulling connect, to activate it fulling, you need the client's PASSWORD that he/she shared earlier. Paste the PASSWORD where its go to required you to past it. That's all, now you can fulling click the connect button.

 That's all, you are done. You can now have the full control of your clients PC or DESKTOP and get that bugs solved. This still supports charting, voice recording, video and lot of more! Cheer and get your client's problems solved by controlling his/her PC's screen enjoy. Special advice, only use this for legal and accepted activities, only! You must have a stable and fast internet connection for this to work effectively.

Must do!
 After reading this blog post, what impact do you have to tell or you have any another alternate way to also share with the audience? A comment will be appreciated, in the comments box. And please don't spam else, your comments will be marked as spam! thank you for your understanding.

How to Making $100/Day - Ultimate Shopify Guide From A-z

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Getting Started

Here in this guide, we will be focusing on the dropship model because from my part of learning coverage it is the least and most comfortable time-consuming. In this guild, I just what to hit it straight no long words here. Why? I believe before you intended to open this post you needed a guild to earn more from your SHOPIFY experience, if not you can drop a comment to state your uncleared thought. Note; don't spam! But before we proceed what you must note here;

You will create a SHOPIFY ACCT.

How to create the account, open their web page, on the website you will get an option tap to get started with a free of 14 days trial plan but I will provide you a COUPON URL when you can make it 45 days trials to those that are privilege reading this trend to actually attain and extend the 14 days trials to 21 days. You can hurry up to grab the opportunity as its still going on! for 21 days trials GOTO:

 In the signing up for Shopify page, will be asked to put your email address, store name, and password. Use your email, password and in the store name option (particular advice: use a catchy name) should be something like this, first an adjective like "amazing, awesome, etc." than products/store. You should remember that if you're not going to use a custom domain for your store, you will have to stick to this name meaning this "" will be your permanent URL, and you WON'T be able to change this so if you are going to be using a Shopify subdomain make sure you choose the store name you want when signing up. After that, click on the online store and on the next page fill up your info. Then you will be asked some questions. Just Answer them with the following states:-

a. "I am already selling online using a different system."

b. "Amazon"

c. "$5k to $50k."

After that, click "Enter My Store" congratulation your store is up and running. Here you can choose any other option if you want.

Setting Up Your Store:

In this stage, once you are on the home SHOPIFY home page, you will be told or guided on everything you need to do in different pages as its opened which will include setting up your shipping setting, tax info, adding products, choosing themes, etc.

Setting Up Your Store:

1. Click on the settings option in the left corner and click General and named your store name which will be the same as the URL, the two email fields and then the store address. Just fill the option up accordingly. After that, click on the "Payment" There are two payments that you have to include and that's Shopify payments by Stripe which will allow you accept credit cards which will ask you to a series of questions.

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2. Choose the answer to those questions randomly. Though they don't really mean what I have seen a lot of people who live outside US struggle with here are Tax ID and SIN number. The truth is that you need not worry about these just use random numbers. For those who are wondering you add your Payoneer US payment service here as well. Next, you will need to choose is Paypal Express Checkout and you are done! Then moving on to the Checkout option, here in this part is really a personal preference but I will tell you what to do.

a. Customer accounts - optional

b. Full name - Require first and last name

c. Company - optional

d. Apt - optional

e. Phone number - optional

After that, Keep the rest as it is except when selecting automatically archive my order under after an order has been paid. When you choose or decide this, you will see a box that says "additional scripts," this is where you will be using your Fb re-targeting/conversion pixels. I will explain in a later step. Immediately you are done with the above goto the bottom of the page where you see three boxes like; [Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and TOS] click on generate the sample for all three and you are done here.

Now in the case of SHIPPING. Firstly, you will have your shipping rate, lets it been as it is and moves on to shipping rates and add them based on weight and add the followed shipping rates :

0 - 0.9 = $9.99

1 - 1.9 = 14.99

2.0 - 2.9 = 17.99

3.0 - 3.9 = 19.99

4.0 - 4.9 = 21.99

Add the above Shipping rates. As we are going to be focusing on a dropship model shipping based on weight will be ideal.

What to Considered While Designing Your Store.

1. You should design your store depending on what niche your products are into or what your store is rating. But what I would love to also put in is, going for multiple products. Go for cute theme depending on your budget. From my thoughts, the best converting free arguments are the Classic theme and the Minimal theme. And once you choose the theme, get it installed and live. These themes come with everything already set up including the menus, categories, and products which you will be editing according to the products you will use. You can add or remove (modify) the theme any way you want, but I will just recommend changing the logo and tagline and keep the coloring and stuff same as it is as they are made in a way which will have the highest conversion rate.

2. You can also set up your own custom domain if you want which gives your store a more natural feel but I would say sticking with Shopify will work very fine but if you're going to click on the online store and then domains and choose a custom domain.

3. Now one thing that I would like to put emphasis on is branding and how it is very essential it is so you will want a really professional logo as the logo is the first thing someone will see when they come to your site to get a nice logo for your website. You can go higher from Fiverr to design your logo for you will get impressive rates.

4. Again, you need to set up your store navigation which you will find under online store. A page that you need to include About Us, Shipping Info, Contact Us.

Here is a sample of an About Us page. If you want you can use the exact this, just edit out the store name

CHECK THIS FOR HELP: Datafeedr makes it easy to build and embed an affiliate store

a. Welcome to "Store Name"!

b. We strive to provide our customer with the best customer service and support and the most convenient shopping experience online.

c. Whether you are at home at work or on the go, you can rest assured that your orders are handled securely and with the utmost care.

d. All our products are specifically tailored for the customer looking for the BEST DEALS in the latest trinkets and gadgets!

e. We love hearing from our customers and would like your feedback!

f. Invite friends/family and loved ones to shop with us at "Store Name"!

And here is a sample for your shipping page. (choose and edit too!) Shipping depends on the product that is ordered. For promotional shipping "FREE" items it may take 3-5 weeks to arrive since our questions are coming overseas and from a different warehouse. For non-promotional items, the shipping can take up to 14 to 30 days. Please allow 14 days before contacting us. No email correspondence will be entered into on the subject of delivery until after this period. This is to allow for any delays in the postal system and to keep email administration down to a manageable level. Congrats you have your store all done with the setting up. Next thing you need to do is get products in your store.

Research for Niche Product 

I am just going to go provide the niches that work for very well, and all you have to do is just copy it. Providing this because I don't want you to go over stressing yourself for niches research. You will be targeting:

a. keychains,

b. Plush toys,

c. Lamps,

d. Chains,

e. earrings,

f. rings

  Basically, you can select anything in the $1 - $3 mark in Aliexpress. Yes, you will be sourcing your products from Aliexpress. And also, what works best are movie products (Batman, Avengers, Superman, Harry Potter, ETC.), anime (my neighbor Totoro, Pokemon) and Tv shows - Game of Thrones (my best selling niche). Now the way you will be finding products is head over to aliexpress and search up the niche for example pokemon then click on the most number of orders. The top products are what others are reselling. I am sure you heard phrase the money lies with the competition. Next, you will be adding products to your store.

Getting A Product.

Click on Product then add a product. First, you should add the title and then the description. Here is an example of plush toy listing and how it would look on your site.

Title - Frozen Sven's Plush Toy

Description -Take home a limited edition Sven Plush Doll FOR FREE

Normally priced at $14.99. We want you to have it for free! Order 2 or more to save on shipping. Only 200 available. (Limitation of 10 persons per order) Limited time only! Allow 4-6 weeks shipping.

 Now goto aliexpress and add a variety of items to your site. Once you have around 30-40 products on your site, you are done. To make your site look generic, you want to add products with different price ranges. Now how to gain the traffic.

Getting Traffic And Sales

Remember when I said I will show you how to do this without spending a penny, well this is the second part of that. We will be targeting Facebook as the traffic source. Now Facebook allows you a credit of a certain amount which is more than enough to start getting sales and start banking. Whenever you add a card to your account, Facebook lets you advertise right away and bills you once you reach that credit appointed to you by Facebook. So let's ride on the ad.

Targeting Facebook as the Traffic Source And Get Sales

 1. First, you will need to create a Facebook fan-page under brand/product then subcategory website and fill up the about and add a profile picture and add your site URL. So you have to make everything look generic so make sure you put emphasis on the details, so everything seems natural.

 2. Let's create the ad.

 3. Not when you make this post-Facebook will auto-generate images from your site but what I found to be more converting is images like this -

 4. To remove the auto-generated images and switch with the catchy image.

 5. There is one more step before we finish setting up your ad and that is how you target your audience. I want everyone reading this thread to actually apply this and scale accordingly it will really help. So you will need to know how to find the right audience for your ads. Login to your ad manager then go to tools and then audience insights. Once it loads click on everyone on Facebook. So let's assume our ad is going to be for the "plush toy" above so what we will be doing is on the interest tab include everything that related to this product. As soon as you add them, you can see the demographics you will be targeting your ads. Look for the ones with the highest bar, for example, let's say female and age 19 - 34 and change it up on the left.

 6. After demographics click on Page likes and then you will see the pages that these people are most likely interested in and that's by looking at the affinity score which determines how relevant the page is to the audience. The higher the score, the more relevant it is. Add those pages on the interest tab on the left. Then after that save the audience. We will use this audience for our ad. Create a conversion pixel and paste it into the store where we discussed earlier.

 7. Since the post is ready. Go to create the ad and click on Increase Conversions On Your Website and name the campaign (Your choice name) and click on use a Saved Audience, choose the audience from earlier and choose your pixel. Then for placement select all platforms and in platforms prefer the only Facebook and feeds. Cross check everything out and Set ad budget to $20/day on the first day (after 12pm set budget to $10 to gain edge rank, then $20 the next day).

8. After that, you will be going to the ad section and here select your page and the post you made earlier and then click on place order and you are done.

Since your product is free, you will start getting orders this will earn you advantages to starts getting orders in no time, and you will get $9.99 for shipping. Assuming your product is $0.99 you will make $9 on each sale! Once you start getting a few sales, then follow the scale-up parts and upsell your buyers with higher priced products! You will need to get 11 sales a day to get 100+ per day which is really easy once you get the hang of it. You can actually make a lot more if you do the upsell correctly. I have had buyers who got the first product for free and went on to purchase $200+ worth of products in upsells.

Scaling Up Your Product.

To scale up your product, add more products and keep testing. Also, I encourage you to create a different and sets with different target audiences. Kill the ones that don't convert and retain your top converting ads. You can do this for multiple products. And make sure to milk your top converting ad by increasing your budget. Once the money starts coming in, there are few other things you can do to really kick it up a notch, and it adds apps to your Shopify store. The only one you really need is "You - display recent sales in real time" which will show recent sales on the left side of your store.

 This app can really help boosts sales like crazy. Other things you need to do is add an upsell by adding an upsell app which will allow you to upsell clients on items from the same niche. Also, you should note that you will be making a buyers list from this as well so don't hesitate to pitch other products in the same niche to your buyers. Once you start to really kill it with this business model, you will want to start creating your own products.


So, you have come to the end of this premium articles with no charges. You will be surprised how much you can make with this method. Once people pick interest in your store 70% of these people will buy other things too if you set up everything correctly and that is why I said to make your site look as professional as possible and add as many products as you can. You can apply this method as I have explained everything in details. If you need any help and have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

How to Hide Fake Torrents Files On Pirate Bay - Chrome extension

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In this post as stated "The free Chrome extension helps protect users from dangerous, and fake torrents attack" In the nutshell, Pirate Bay happens to be one of the most popular destinations for torrent users online, capturing a place amongst the 100 most visited websites in the worldwide. Torrent repository gained an infamous reputation by hosting torrent files that allowed users to download copyrighted material for free without permission from the owner! There is little vetting when it comes to torrent files in the area. And this cause, while ago, cyber-criminals have been able to leverage torrents to distribute malware, as well as fraudulent files that can harm users.

The CEO of Cyber-security Company Siege Jason Syversen told Consumer Reports and warned ( that there are "very real technical concerns" about downloading content via torrents sites. "You’re dealing with these shady third-party sites, so there is an opportunity for people to insert fraudulent and malware into the BitTorrent client also as well as transferring files of malicious content.”

Overview if the Chrome Extension

This is how the Chrome extension works as the screenshot.

How does it work?

 1. “For example, if you browse the HD Movies section and sort by seeds, [depending on when their bot ran]
there you will see a ton of untrusted torrents files appear with an unrealistic amount of seeds.

 2. “The script has a couple options to get rid of these.

 3. “Default behavior is to help to hide untrusted torrents [torrents files that do not appear with little pink or green skulls] if they
have more than 1000 seeds.”

 4. This Google Chrome browser extension also allows users to “French torrents, hide porn, as well as cams
and telesyncs”.

You can download the Chrome the extension for free here on the google chrome Web Store. Or click here How to Hide Fake Torrents Files On Pirate Bay You can drop a review about this.

Motorola G6 Roughly Listed On Amazon With It's Specs

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The Company - Motorola’s Moto G6 has prematurely appeared on the Canadian and American versions of Amazon earlier this week, with the two product listings the original being spotted by German tech journalist Roland Quandt. Both have been pulled in a matter of hours, but not before being identified as reiterating some of the previously reported specs of the device. The mobile phone had been listed as sporting an octa-core chip with a maximum operating frequency of 1.8GHz which is muchly assumed to be Qualcomm’s 450, with the same place, also re-confirming the existence of a 5.7-inch “Max Vision” display boasting an elongated aspect ratio of 18:9, i.e. 2:1.

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Motorola’s Moto G6 - A dual-camera setup and a traditional fingerprint detector also appear to be part of the package, as per the same source, which helps to boasts a battery capable of lasting an entire day on a single power. The Amazon listing also specifically mentions a U.S. warranty, suggesting Motorola will once again be retailing its handsets unlocked, in addition to offering them through select wireless carriers. Besides the regular Moto G6, the upcoming series is also thought to include the Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plus.

Adapting a wide variety of reports, rumors, and leaks, the Moto G6 lineup is expected to officially launch in the coming next Thursday, April 19,2018, which is when the Lenovo-owned company is holding its next product event in Brazil. While Motorola is the world’s only original equipment manufacturer to hold main concrete announcements in Southern American Country, the popularity of its offerings among Brazilian consumers recently prompted the firm to start being more aggressive with its promotional activities in that market. Recently, Last year, the firm also announced the Moto Z2 Play at a Brazil launched event. While Motorola hasn’t officially confirmed the happening meant to take place next week will see all the intro of the new Moto G6 family, it already disclosed its first 2018 products are meant to be released this month.

How to Make Money From Entertainment Blogs or Websites - 2018 Idea Best Strategy

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To be frank, to survive while blogging on a niche that always got rejected from displaying Ads got you mad right? Yea! Today I just want to hit the bitter truth about entertainment blogs or websites and the few solutions to monetize your entertainment blogs or website greatly. Meanwhile, this post is directly referring to these blogs or websites:

   1.  File Downloader blogs or Web sites.[music and videos blogs or websites uploaders ]

   2. Articles copy-scraps blogs or websites. [permit me to use that word, though it also works with the monetizing process!]

I will furtherly explain the above categories blogs or websites [what is majorly their area of lost!]. It's so bright that blogs and websites like the above-mentioned categories do copy contents, images including video or music links from other sources without even spin or re-write in their own languages. Recently I made a post on how to write killer content for your blogs or websites which sound to be helpful for both bloggers and online marketers.

Downloading websites or blogs usually found it difficult to make their own personal excellent contents, and you want to get to the top of the search engine, huh? SEARCH ENGINES would have loved to rank the best material. No matter the number of backlinks you've struggled to build if your materials are not satisfied by SEARCH ENGINE, Hmmmm, your materials will be ignored!!! You can take a little of your time to study new google updates news for proper understanding.

As the post title, I will show you some ways in which you can make money from your entertainment blogs or websites with some of the recommended networks that also converts very well. Don't be so surprised asking yourself the question, " how do that work? " In this articles, I will share you little idea of my idea I think that will be of help to entertainment Bloggers. How you can monetize your entertainment blogs or websites down to your downloading links. Entertainment blogs or websites commonly found it so hard to get approved by Adsense therefore, don't lose your chance of getting if earning if is your part. [ the most known advertisement Ads]. I can say Adsense is one of the wealthiest Ads Company that convert very well and gives publishers the privilege to display Advertisement on their pages and control which page to appear manually.

Adsense pays on different categories like CPC, CPM, and more! But, the truth is this, Adsense can be so strict to the level of your blogs or websites. Most especially the entertainment blogs or websites they found it very difficult to get approved feedback when one request on their blogs or websites. With the below few networks, I will provide some interfaces that can also with time generate you some bucks.


     1. Traffic trading: One of the most critical keys is "traffic trading" You absolutely have to trade traffic with other entertainment webmasters like you. There is no chance around this, when you're starting, you're not going to get the best traffic partners. That's okay, you're just starting. Eventually, you'll be building traffic and move up the chance to the next level to traffic generation. You have to trade traffic with hard links responsively, traffic trading scripts and link dumps.

      To find the best traffic partners, you make use or search for adult webmaster communities, and there you will find these forums having traffic trading sections. This is how you will get the most traffic which will earn you the majority of your revenue from these disclose source that will generate you more income.

     2. Fresh Content: Well, I can say, you need to update your entertainment sites every day. This means at least you need to upload 2-5 contents relating to new videos, music, and pictures each day. People start to rely on your site for daily content, and you must deliver new live trending updates to them. Now the chances are now getting closer. You can take weekends off if you please, but you must update at least five days a week.          On a special, you need to make a break during the weekend, having time with friends, family, and dear ones.

Monetization: Proper entertainment monetizing website or blogs is a key to success when you have traffic. You need multiple forms of income. Below are also recommend to make use of:

a) Paid Link Dumps: Once you build your traffic up, you can start selling plugs. These are links you can sell to other people's media. Expect to earn $10-100     per plug. This can also work well to maximize your revenue.

b) CPM network: Cost Per Impression. This is impression advertising. You will also earn times amount per thousand page views on your blogs or websites.

c) PPC: Pay Per Click. Google ads or Yahoo ads also work great!

d) Filler: This refers to be CPA {Cost Per Action}. An excellent source of this is dating sites like ClickBooth. You can do well find random affiliate programs to join like ShareASale, Amazon or Clickbank.

e) Monetizing your downloading link: This gives you the privilege to upload your files such as videos, music or documentation files and when one download from the source, it will earn you some. A good source is

Those are just a few keys to finding success as an entertainment webmaster. You can as well use the comment box if you have your contribution to also contribute to the audience. NOTE: You only publish reasonable comments that can be of help to others if not, your comments will be marked as spam. Thanks for reading this blog post and I will love you to drop a comment if only you find the solution to your problems regarding this aspect if not, still use the comments box and comments with help will be replied.

How to Write Killer Content for Websites and Blogs - SEO Optimization

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At this moment I am going to unpleasing the second part of this motivated article. In my recent post, I wrote about on the first parts which happen to be "Copy pasting contents from another’s sources" Copy pasting activities was all I thought one needs to survive in blogging spheres. Not knowing that all was wrongly thought. In this post, I am unveiling the second parts of these articles. Title: How to write a post that Search engine will love to Rank on the first page - SEO OPTIMIZATION". I realized that working from home has its own advantage, all it be required from you is a personal office (Private office), a chair and table, your PC/Desktop computer on the table along with a glance of a coffee that’s all. No stress all the saying I am serving a "boss" BE YOUR OWN BOSS!!!

In this post, I will also disclose why some Bloggers do fails and end up in quitting blogging. After setting up your blogs or websites, what is next to do, huh? of course you need contents, have you check your blogs or websites visitors stats, your returning visitors, your blog visibility on the different search engine? Believing that the next thing to follow after setting up your blogs or websites is how to earn massively on your blogs or websites. Yea! Everyone what to gain from his/her blogs. But what if you focus on building your blogs or websites before thinking about how to monetize it? According to "SHOUTMELOUND" which gives advice to Bloggers. He advises Bloggers by saying "You should put your blogs or websites visitor’s stats into consideration before thinking to be earning from it. At least your blogs or websites stats should be more than 3k page view daily" How many Bloggers agreed on this? Rather to "say talk that to the hand, lol."

I believe this would have been a very pleasant follow up because, when your daily page views grow up to 3k views per day, think with this, your money will keep counting while sleeping. But, impatience is lacked here! Every one wants to earn massively faster from their blogs or websites. While most Bloggers fails in Blogging fields is lack of patience.  To make it even in life require a lot of sacrifice and time as my mummy always tell me "so far, so long your time will never pass you away" Most Bloggers rush into many different niches and at the end of the whole issue, quitting will be at the corner knocking the door. As one of mentor always tells me "Focus on one goal at a time, don't rush into many goals at a time once because quitting and frustration will crowd it all." Believe me or not, that just the bitter truth! Most importantly, don't blog for cash (money) setting up new blogs or websites required a lot of building. Believe me after setting up your blogs or websites the capital (money) will be rolling in.

Key to Note in this Part:

*> Works for your Audience.

*> Your visitors stats daily at least 200H and above.

*> Your returning Audience.

*> Your blogs or websites visibility on different search engine. NOTE: Google is not the only search engine that people make use of. Make

      Your blog or websites to be visible in different search engine.[not only GOOGLE!!!]
*> After building all this, you can now implement how to earn from your blog or websites. You can apply for any ADS COMPANY that can convert very well. Ads that translate very well not ADSENSE is the only key.
I think this piece of article will be of help to my dear online marketers. On a particular note, after reading this blog post, how do you feel? You have any question, or you also want to contribute to the audience too? Please feel free to make use of the comment box, and your thoughtful comments will be approved right away. Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope to see you in my next post. You can also join my audience if you even need my blog post update.

How to Get .Edu Email Account for Free | 2018

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How to Get a Free.EDU Email Address [Updated 2018]

In this short article, I am going to show you two significant ways in which you can get Edu email address for free. Edu domain extensions are restricted to educational institutions, and most of the found Edu domains are only the USA-based educational institutions are privileged to register this. A Staff or Students of some specific institutions are given free personal email address with Edu extension on their own, the significant portion of students are not having this type of email addresses, most especially those who do not belong to USA-base. These Edu email addresses grant you in some of the free things, and free services which are, it’s will help you to get lots of discounts rate on software and services. I believe you are looking for a way or a guild on how to create Edu email address right? If so, you have come to where you will find the solution to your search provided in this article. I will guide you on how to get free or create free EDU email address or addresses.

Also, Take a Glance at the Benefit of Getting a Free EDU Email Address

In the last year, much fresh stuff for those with EDU mail address. Like, the Last Pass gave away premium accounts 6 months for free, Amazon Prime free for 1 Year, Connectify gave away premium accounts for free, Microsoft provides give away X-box 360 with Windows7 PC, on Microsoft Office also gave a free 50% discount, free.TECH extension when you use Edu email address to create the account. There is much free cool stuff on a discount rate is granted to those who have Edu email addresses also, there are many more offers like free Dropbox space and free 1 month trial to Hulu Plus which still are available for students.

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Benefits of Getting a Free.EDU Email Address

Last year, we got too many cool offers with EDU mail address. Like, We got Amazon Prime free for 1 Year, the Last Pass gave away premium accounts 6 months for free, Connectify gave away premium accounts for free, Microsoft gave away Xbox 360 with Windows7 PC, Microsoft Office gave 50% discount. And there are many more offers like free Dropbox space and free 1 month trial to Hulu Plus which are still available for students. The bellow can be listed as the benefit of having Edu email address as followed:

Benefits of Getting a Free.EDU Email Address

Adobe Creative Cloud
Flat 50% discount.
Last Pass Premium
Free for six months
Amazon Prime
6 months for free
Google Drive
Unlimited storage and additional tools.
Last Pass Premium
Free access to Git-hub student pack. Learn more
Most of their software’s are free.
Showing 1 to 6 of 6 entries
Showing 1 to 6 of 6 entries

The above are some of the benefits students or staffs can gain while using Edu email address ending.
As stated earlier in this post I will guild you how to have or create the email with.Edu extension. It’s straightforward the steps provided here.

Steps to Get a Free Edu Email Address

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In this post, I will provide two ways opportunity in which you can obtain a free email address ending with .edu extension. In this first method, I am offering is the most recent one which was confirmed and tested multiple times to verify and this still works perfectly. In the second method, this is kind of an old approach, which is, it's may still work but I don't guaranty you 100% about the second method. But, don't worry you can make use of the first method which still works.

Most Used Method for a Free.Edu Email Address Registration [First Method]

In the bellow, a guild will lead you through on the first method” Most used Method to Create.Edu Email Extension” Please I strongly recommend you to follow the guild in other to know how to create free.Edu email extension.

Ø  Choose {Canada COLLEGE} in the options available there under “Select a community college.”

Ø  In this, Apply for admission using the form displayed on the next page that will display.

Ø  make Use of California address and school details while applying. {You can get free random USA address from

Ø  after this, You will receive your free email id ending with .edu extension as an email after you have successfully submitted the application. Note: this may take up to two days to receive the details.

The Second Method  [ Old Method ]

Ø   check the box which states “I am a new student and have never attended any Maricopa Community College or Skill Centers” Then enter confirmation code and click and click the “next” button.

Ø   fill up the given form. (SSN- Social Security Number and Phone Number) You can generate fake SSN numbers and phone numbers from

Ø  here you have to complete the registration which will ask you to provide some necessary information.

Ø  completing this, you will receive your EDU email address with a student ID. Your email address will be something like []

Ø  note: This will take about 20 minutes for your account to be activated.

Ø  after your account is fully activated, visit
    and login to your .edu email account with your Student ID and Password.

After all the above process you are done. Note: I don’t give you 100% sure for this method if it’s still working. So, you can try it out but, you can make use of the first method.

Steps to Get an.Edu Email Address?

In the second method explained above is used almost four years ago, I just provide it here for trial. But, many users still coming to this page looking to find informative concrete details on how to get free educational mail address, hoping this will be of a good thing to update. As the above two states, I hope you guys will try it out or I would love you to also share your own alternate method if you got any it will be appreciated. Though, I am still searching for new free tricks on how to get.Edu email. I will update this page if I find a useful, cool trick to get a free.Edu extension. Now your.Edu free email address is reading, you can now use it for available offers.

smart way to invest - In Crypto Currency Business

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Are you a crypto millionaire, lol or you want to become a  crypto millionaire in this present 2018? If so, this post is for you. Probably you bought into cryptocurrencies like the most known coin  [Bitcoin] very early. In this post, I will disclose to you how you can be a  crypto millionaire in the nearest future. Now let's relate this to Bitcoin investors back then, those that bought into cryptocurrencies like the most known coin  Bitcoin in the early stage of Bitcoin. Honestly the people that invest in Bitcoin back then really make it in life now of which many are full of regret to spend later. I believe you can testify it right? Early cryptocurrency investors in Ethereum saw their coins rises from USD 0.37 during the initial crowd sale to USD 380 today. A small $10,000 investment would be 1 million dollars today, surprise?

This also happens in the Bitcoin world. Those people that invest on Bitcoin early in stages saw their Bitcoin - currency crash to as low as $0.01 per coin, to USD 8800 today. You don’t even need to do the math calculation to get the prize as at now! The gains are too significant to miss out!

Apparently, in this, it will show you a little enlightenment for to becoming rich in cryptocurrencies investors. Don't be stupid not to notice it, the fact! In every single case, investing early always make the best in promising projects like BTC and ETH coins during the initial crowd sale has given investors 100x to over 1000x returns on their investment. Yes! The key to getting rich on cryptocurrencies business is to invest early. The potential rewards are far too big to miss out on by going late. Becoming a multimillionaire with only a few thousand dollars in initial investments has never been an easier task to offer but, for the good of your future, you need it! This credibility goes far to the connectivity of the internet, combined with the possibility to invest and doing promising projects during crowd funds.

What keys are we looking at now?

 *> Happen to be the fastest growing casino on the Ethereum blockchain. This was launched two months ago, and as at now, it has accumulated $300k in bets already! No casino has ever grown that quickly. To add to this, they’re releasing the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling APK for Andriod right now, Ethereum coins are rising like crazy that even one can't even imagine. By investing early into ice can make life going well and smooth, investors get both gains from Ethereum’s price as well as iDice tokens since they’re based on the Ethereum network only.

*> Ethereum casino projects have seen their tokens rises at least 10-30x in the past few months. Alice is no different! The Ethereum crowdsale is currently issuing restricted shares [iDice tokens] this can be redeemed for profits on their casino game, and be a trade on exchanges in return. The crowd sale will only last a few more days. So, you have heard it all, what are we waiting for invest today with some amount of dollars to save the futures. I you have any question, please use the comments box