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Increase Your Phone Internal Memory Without SD-CARD

Most of the time,We are not happy when its comes to storing heavy files in Our mobile phone,why because,You will agree with me that,if Your storage place is not large,You are not happy in storing heavy files,right? "MY STORAGE  CAPACITY CAN'T HANDLE LARGE FILES" due to this You kept on managing Your storage files,end of story today! Its happened to  a friend who kept worry on this issue"NO SD CARD AND MY INTERNAL STORAGE MEMORY IS VERY LOW" This came to an end until He related this issue to Me. Today,I strongly believe You reading this,is because You need this,right? I know We all like to store heavy files in Our mobile phone. That's the reason why I am droping this tutorial on "Increase Your Phone Internal Memory Without SD-CARD".
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Following this guilds below,its will help You to increase "INCREASE YOUR INTERNAL MEMORY WITHOUT SD CARD". Its might seems to be an unbelieveable tutorial,if You dobt this,after this toturial drop Your testimonies to comfirm if really its working. With this,You don't need SD CARD again....... So,to do this, ensure You follow the guilds with the right direction below; You only have just one requirement to do this which is "JIOCLOUD APP" What this do?
Its a usueful application met for storage aside of the SD CARD. Meaning its functions on its own without the help of SD CARD. Imiediately You download and install this APP its stored file dependently.

Not much precaution on how to use,all You have to do is; You have to manually store the files You wish to delete from the Gallary storage and still need it,mewhile the files will still be in Your Mobile phone and fuction thesame as when present in the Gallary box.
Features screenshot;

Open You google play store,search and download"JIOCLOUD" NOTE: You will found many similar apps but,You download the screenshot app below,well recommended or You can download it JIOCLOUD.


After the installation,open the app. Here You upload as many files You need Your phone memory to be free on,by this,You have realised some space or much either and still,the files are still present in Your Mobile phone and been used as usual.

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