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What may be  the cause why peaople  engage in locking all theirs apps?  Below may fall why one should  or lock his/her mobile phone apps,espencially an Andriod phone:
*I do not what any one else to operate my apps without my consent.
*I installed privacy apps that keeps my data.
*To make all my heavy games locked, wow! This mostly common because, many android users locked his or her mobile phone, just to protect phone usage for playing heavy games.

  I think Someone intention why we mostly use app lock to lock our Android mobile phone may fall under the above list.......
Now, let's see how we can break into any one apps in an Android that is locked with apps lock. Oh!  Nice right?  Yes I guess so, we can break into Someone apps(anys apps) present in the phone.  How can we do that?  Below with screenshot guild will lead you there! Just hit and perform the steps below:

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Open the Android phone you want to break any apps that is lock with apps locks 😚
Yes, we know apps lock only locked the apps which is it's operate just apps guilds,so no need  to worry about say, "if the mobile andriod is locked" apps lock only fuction in within apps.
After having the access in the phone home page view, open the setting as directed by the screenshot below. Nice the next step.


After executing the first guild here we go!  Click on "APPS" as the screenshot below.

After you click on the APPS icon here YOu will see all the APPS. All the apps present in the phone will appear.
You should locate the main app lock.
After that,you click on the disable bar.
Like the screenshot below shown.
That's all. Go back to the phone main menu and enjoy every apps you wish to enter.........
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